Notice of Annual Meeting, April 21, 2023

The annual General Meeting of the membership will be held at Costume-Con 39, in San Jose, California, the morning of Friday, April 21, 2023. At this time, I expect the Board of Directors meeting to be held at 9:00AM Pacific Time, recessed to hold the General Meeting at 10:00AM, and a brief re-convene of the Board to confirm and elect the members’ selected officers to Board, I hope at 11:00 AM. In conjunction with this, no new motion may be made on the Board of Director’s online meeting after Wednesday, March 22.

If you have items you wish placed in advance on the agenda for either the Board or the General Meeting please notify either your chapter board representative, the ICG Recording Secretary ( or me ( by Wednesday, March 22. Please note that if your proposed business requires discovery (review of information), providing documents in advance that can be shared with the Board and/or membership will speed the discussion in the meeting.

At this time I am not aware of any major items of business being proposed for the General meeting.

Kevin Roche
President, International Costumers’ Guild