General and Event Insurance

Most chapters and SIGs do not require general insurance for themselves and their officers.
However if your chapter or SIG puts on events that are open to members and the general public, it may be worth looking into per-event insurance options or securing a policy that covers all events throughout the year. Many venues that rent space to organizations including non-profits may require your chapter or SIG to have a minimum amount of insurance for an event.

Note: In the past, the ICG has investigated securing an insurance policy to cover chapter and SIG events. However it found that there would not have been high enough utilization to make it economical at the time. If your chapter would like the ICG to re-examine this, your ICG Board representative should indicate an interest and talk with other board members to see whether there is sufficient interest to consider the question again. SIGs should contact the ICG Vice President, who represents the interests of SIGs on the board

Options for General and Event Insurance

There are several options for chapters and SIGs to secure general or event insurance. The process is similar to shopping for a bank.

  • Contact local insurance agencies to see whether they offer general or event insurance policies and whether they can write policies on a per-event basis. You will need to inform them about the size of your group, the nature of any events including how many per year, where they are held, and how may people attend the events. If the agencies you contact do not handle this kind of insurance, ask for a referral to someone who does.
  • Search the web for agencies in your state, region or country who offer per-event or annual insurance policies to non-profit groups using terms such as “event insurance for nonprofits.” There are a number of agencies who offer policies to groups in specific states, regions and countries.
  • Contact Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, a non-profit organization who specializes in helping non-profits with insurance issues. This group will refer you to a member insurance agent or broker who can help your chapter or SIG select a suitable policy and quote a price. Chapters and SIGs need to have their own 501(c)(3) status by participating in the ICG GEL program.