Presented by Kevin Roche​ at Costume-Con 39

Service to the ICG as Treasurer

Jeanine Swick: The 2023 ICG President’s Award was presented April 21, 2023 to Jeanine Swick for her untiring efforts as ICG Treasurer by Kevin Roche, President of the International Costumers’ Guild. “The work required to keep the non-profit machinery of the International Costumers Guild is not glamorous, but is vital the organization. Since 2009, Jeanine Swick has been herding the cats of our various chapters, especially in regards to maintaining the financial and membership records required to maintain our status as a tax-exempt entity. I am privileged to be able to recognize her hard work on behalf of our community with this award.”



Presented by Kevin Roche​ at Costume-Con 40

Restoration of Costume-Con Archive

Betsy Marks: Our art form is shockingly ephemeral, which is why the ICG Archives are so important, but so, too, are the records of this event, of Costume-Con itself. I know, because I had a hand myself in rebuilding the costume-con.org archives some many years ago. Those archives were recently threatened by the same software obsolescence that shut down the ICG archive site. Fortunately, thanks to the Herculean efforts of one person, the costume-con visual archive is now not just restored, but expanded and searchable for both images and historical data. For that work, as well as her tireless efforts for the ICG and the costuming community in general, I am recognizing Betsy Marks with the 2022 ICG President’s Award.


Presented by Kevin Roche​ at the Costume-Con 39 Virtual Event

Technological Advancement

Leslie Johnston: Leslie generously donated her time, technical experience, and expertise in the field of digital preservation to complete moving the ICG Gallery to a modern digital preservation platform, and making the ICG Kennedy Archives vast store of costuming photos available once again to the costuming community. Her leadership in the selection of technologies will also enable the ICG Kennedy Archives to create custom exhibitions of photos in the gallery. The ICG is extremely grateful to Leslie for her dedicated service.


Presented by Mera Babineaux​

Excellence in Service to the Members

Vicky Assarattanakul: Over the last year, Vicky has worked tirelessly to ensure that the members were kept up to date with the information that was being presented across the guild communication platforms, and gave copious amounts of her time to that endeavor. This award is given in gratitude for her hard work and dedication to ensuring that communication was presented to the members in a timely fashion and also preserved and archived for posterity.

Leadership in the Costuming Community

Elaine Mami, Byron Connell, Bruce and Nora Mai, and Lorien Fletcher. This award is being given to five tireless costuming advocates who have inspired countless others to costume in their communities and led their chapter’s growth and continued success through their dedication to the costuming arts, their chapters, and the organization.

Excellence in Stewardship

Jacalyn Boggs and Sarah Richardson​: While the last year has been challenging on many fronts, these two women stepped forward to steward the organization through their tireless commitment to their chapters and the Board of Directors and gave of their time and resources freely and without hesitation to ensure the future of the organization for generations to come.

Technological Advancement

Andrew Trembley, Kevin Roche, and Leslie Johnston: Though the path of technological advancement has been difficult, these three members have dedicated their time, efforts, and energies to ensuring that our archives are preserved and accessible, our website and technologies are current and relevant, and our future footprint online continues to meet the requirements of our educational goals for the Costuming community and the communications needs for the organization.

Excellence in Costuming Leadership and Inspiring Hope

Marianne Pease: Marianne is shining example of what the ICG’s costuming community has to offer.  Her costumes are well-researched, meticulously documented and executed, and her dedication to educating others through her website and online forums on each of her cosplays as they are made and worn is an inspiration to many in our craft. She has inspired hope through her ideas and presentations, and is recognized and awarded for her excellence in leadership and costuming.


Presented by Marianne Pease at Costume-Con 37

Mark MacDicken: For his continual community service and outreach through costuming.

Leslie Johnston: For donating her time and skills to restoring the ICG Archives.

Maral Agnerian: For her continual service and leadership in the costuming community.


Presented by Marianne Pease at Costume-Con 36

Vicky Assarattanakul: For her service on the publications committee and the production of the ICG International Costumer newsletter as its editor..

Jeanine Swick: For her help and dedication, particularly in tracking membership, and for her consistent presence in the ICG.

Lorien Fletcher: For her exemplary leadership as president and founder of the Time Travelers Costumers Guild (TTCG).


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 35

Vicky Assarattanakul: For her leadership as Chair of the Publications Committee in the formation of the ICG Press.

Tonya Adolfson: For contributing her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry to the formation of the ICG Press.

Merrily Wolf: For her great assistance in re-implementing the ICG’s new website by laboriously proof-reading and correcting every page.

Pierre Pettinger: In appreciation of his years of service as Parliamentarian to the ICG Board of Directors.

Andrew Assarattanakul: In appreciation of his service in publishing the online edition of the International Costumer newsletter, and sending member notifications and membership cards.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 34

Patrick O’Connor: In appreciation of his past service as editor of the ICG Newsletter, and his continued service in publishing the print edition of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter.

Vicky Young Asaratanakul: For her service as editor of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter, and for maintaining its high standard of content and production values.

Kathe Gust: For her service in collecting, scanning and indexing all issues of the ICG’s Costumer’s Quarterly magazine; indexing back issues of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter; and developing the public relations material for the ICG Resource Center for Chapters and SIGs.

Bruce MacDermott: For his service in establishing and administering the ICG’s Group Exemption Letter (GEL) program, which enables participating U.S. chapters and SIGs to become 501(c)(3) non-profits easily and at no cost.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 33

Elaine Sims: For setting up and administering the software and templates for participating Group Exemption Letter Chapters and SIGs.

Byron Connell & Jeanine Swick: For helping to establish and serving on the Administration Committee of the Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Fund.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 32

Eric Cannon: For his great service to the costuming community by preserving our history in video.

Carole Parker: For transforming the ICG Newsletter into The International Costumer.

Jeanine Swick: In grateful appreciation for her many years of faithful service as ICG Treasurer.

Susan Toker: For furthering the ICG’s outreach to the costuming community and beyond through the Mega Convention List.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 31

Bruce Mai, Nora Mai, and Pierre Pettinger: For extraordinary service to the ICG in preserving and sharing its history.


Presented by Nora Mai at Costume-Con 25

Bruce Mai, Deech Mestel, Jeff Morris, Pierre Pettinger, Kevin Roche: For their labour of love in bringing the International Costumers’ Gallery online.


Presented by Carl Mami prior to Costume-Con 24

Denisen and Jay Hartlove: For taking over the ICG Newletter and making it a joy to read, and for all the work to get it out the door.


Presented by Carl Mami at Costume-Con 22

Tina Connell: For her service to the ICG.


Presented by Darla Kruger at Costume-Con 21

Betsy Delaney: For her work with the ICG Newsletter.

Jeff Morris & John O’Halloran: For their work on the ICG website.

Steve Swope: For his work as Recording Secretary.