Presented by Marianne Pease at Costume-Con 37

Mark MacDicken: For his continual community service and outreach through costuming.

Leslie Johnston: For donating her time and skills to restoring the ICG Archives.

Maral Agnerian: For her continual service and leadership in the costuming community.


Presented by Marianne Pease at Costume-Con 36

Vicky Assarattanakul: For her service on the publications committee and the production of the ICG International Costumer newsletter as its editor..

Jeanine Swick: For her help and dedication, particularly in tracking membership, and for her consistent presence in the ICG.

Lorien Fletcher: For her exemplary leadership as president and founder of the Time Travelers Costumers Guild (TTCG).


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 35

Vicky Assarattanakul: For her leadership as Chair of the Publications Committee in the formation of the ICG Press.

Tonya Adolfson: For contributing her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry to the formation of the ICG Press.

Merrily Wolf: For her great assistance in re-implementing the ICG’s new website by laboriously proof-reading and correcting every page.

Pierre Pettinger: In appreciation of his years of service as Parliamentarian to the ICG Board of Directors.

Andrew Assarattanakul: In appreciation of his service in publishing the online edition of the International Costumer newsletter, and sending member notifications and membership cards.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 34

Patrick O’Connor: In appreciation of his past service as editor of the ICG Newsletter, and his continued service in publishing the print edition of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter.

Vicky Young Asaratanakul: For her service as editor of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter, and for maintaining its high standard of content and production values.

Kathe Gust: For her service in collecting, scanning and indexing all issues of the ICG’s Costumer’s Quarterly magazine; indexing back issues of the ICG’s International Costumer newsletter; and developing the public relations material for the ICG Resource Center for Chapters and SIGs.

Bruce MacDermott: For his service in establishing and administering the ICG’s Group Exemption Letter (GEL) program, which enables participating U.S. chapters and SIGs to become 501(c)(3) non-profits easily and at no cost.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 33

Elaine Sims: For setting up and administering the software and templates for participating Group Exemption Letter Chapters and SIGs.

Byron Connell & Jeanine Swick: For helping to establish and serving on the Administration Committee of the Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Fund.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 32

Eric Cannon: For his great service to the costuming community by preserving our history in video.

Carole Parker: For transforming the ICG Newsletter into The International Costumer.

Jeanine Swick: In grateful appreciation for her many years of faithful service as ICG Treasurer.

Susan Toker: For furthering the ICG’s outreach to the costuming community and beyond through the Mega Convention List.


Presented by Philip Gust at Costume-Con 31

Bruce Mai, Nora Mai, and Pierre Pettinger: For extraordinary service to the ICG in preserving and sharing its history.


Presented by Nora Mai at Costume-Con 25

Bruce Mai, Deech Mestel, Jeff Morris, Pierre Pettinger, Kevin Roche: For their labour of love in bringing the International Costumers’ Gallery online.


Presented by Carl Mami prior to Costume-Con 24

Denisen and Jay Hartlove: For taking over the ICG Newletter and making it a joy to read, and for all the work to get it out the door.


Presented by Carl Mami at Costume-Con 22

Tina Connell: For her service to the ICG.


Presented by Darla Kruger at Costume-Con 21

Betsy Delaney: For her work with the ICG Newsletter.

Jeff Morris & John O’Halloran: For their work on the ICG website.

Steve Swope: For his work as Recording Secretary.