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The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives

The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives is the official repository of The International Costumers Guild (ICG). It is the largest existing collection of photographs, video and paper ephemera record of the costuming art in relation to Science Fiction conventions, but it also includes other events where costumes are worn. It was single-handedly established by Carl Mami, former Archivist and Past President of the ICG. The present Archivist is Pierre Pettinger. The mission of the ICG archives is to collect and preserve the images of the costuming art form.

Currently, the only means of access to the majority of the collection is either by traveling to where the Archives are kept or is being exhibited at a selected venue. There are plans to make a significant percentage of it more accessible to members of the ICG and the public. The first initiative is already on line: the International Costumers Gallery. Ideas for ways to exhibit some of the video collection are being discussed; currently, there are still questions regarding the legality of putting video on line.

These links will lead you to the Library inventory. We stress that these are incomplete documents – the collection record will be updated as items are cataloged, indexed and cross-referenced.

It is our mission to preserve our hobby’s history. The Archives is interested in acquiring any images of costuming events: costume contests, masquerades, parades, parties, Halloween costumes, etc. Contributions can be videotapes (UMAX, VHS, Betamax, PAL, NTSC), hard copy photos, CDs, DVDs, etc. We have the capability to make copies of materials loaned to us; please see the International Costumers Gallery FAQ. We also welcome monetary donations to maintain the collection.

If you have any questions or materials to donate, please contact the Archivist at

Please help the Archives continue its work to preservation our hobby’s history by making a donation.