ICG Gallery FAQ

by | Mar 13, 2018

Updated 05/2011

Do I need to create a user account in order to look at the Collection?
No.  Just click on either the front page icons for the Library or the Contributors Gallery to begin.

What are the Contributors Galleries?
These are the albums for people to upload their costume photos and share them with our visitors. You can share your photos, too – all you have to do is sign up for a user account. Check the Gallery Tutorial for details on how to do so.

We do not keep the images contributors upload, but the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library would very much like to have copies to keep for historical record. Contact us for details at icg-archivist@costume.org.

 I’d like to upload some photos. What kinds of pictures can I upload?
Anything Science Fiction, Anime, Historical, Wearable Art, Movie or TV recreations, Middle Eastern Dance, folk, carnival, street performers, kids, pets, etc. Photos must be taken by you – we cannot accept official convention photos without explicit permission from the convention committee.  No movie studio stills are allowed.  Partial nudity is not discouraged, but remember that photos can be viewed by anyone of any age.  Also, no costume is no costume!

Waitaminnit – what??  Partial Nudity?!!
Just a prudent warning to the visitor. There are some pictures, particularly from the 1950s – 1970s, that are revealing, but they are in the context of a costume. If you are a concerned parent, please be aware of this. We do not censor the photos, nor have we separated them into in one folder.

May I link to my website so people can buy copies of the photos I upload?
You may link to your website, but no other advertising will be allowed. If this rule is violated, your account will be taken down.

What are the parameters for uploading photos?
See the Gallery tutorial.   Photo files should be no bigger than 100kb in size (right click your picture to check the Properties to find its size if you’re unsure).  The best resolution for clarity and manageability is 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch).  For more information on resolution, see the tutorial tips.  We recommend you use editing software, to crop and focus your pictures before you upload, to make them look their best.    Most computers have them; digital cameras come with their own editing software.    If you don’t have any software, they can be easily purchased for less than $30.  Use these to reduce the size of your photo files without losing resolution.

Can I comment on other people’s photos?
Only registered users may comment on photos. Comments should be productive; otherwise the site admin may revoke the user profile (see Policies). If there is a widespread problem, the comments feature will be discontinued.

 How often is new material added to the Gallery?
The International Costumers Gallery Announcements Group is a newsletter email list for letting people know when new photos have been added, changes have been made, or anything else that the Archivist or the Site Admin wants to tell the subscribers about.  Alternatively, if you have a Facebook account, click the “Like” button at the bottom of the website page.

The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library

What is the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library?
The Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library is the official archive of the International Costumers Guild.  Its mission is to preserve the history of Science Fiction fan costuming.  Since the mid-1990s, it has been gathering materials spanning 70+ years.  It has also accumulated images from Wearable Arts events, Living History and other showcases for creativity.  Much of this collection has never been seen by a wide audience before – not even by ICG members.  Our intention is to become a major destination for the celebration of craftsmanship, imagination and knowledge that our hobby encompasses.

You can find out more about Pat and Peggy Kennedy by visiting their Lifetime Achievement Award entries:

Pat Kennedy
Peggy Kennedy

What does the Library contain?
Photographs, videotapes, DVDs and other paper ephemera related to costume events, the business records of the ICG and other documents.

How big is the Library?  For “70+ years of Science Fiction fan costuming”, there doesn’t seem to be that much on the site.
There is a tremendous amount of data to inventory, plus we are constantly acquiring new material.

We are updating the site as we get an album of photos done.  By being a friend of the IC Gallery on Facebook, or a member of the ICG-A list, you won’t have to constantly be looking to see if there is anything new to see.

Why does the Library have so many pictures from Science Fiction conventions?
From the beginning, Science Fiction conventions have had some sort of costume contest or masquerades. They allow people to express their creativity by in a way that can be worn on the body. This doesn’t mean the Library is not interested in other costume event photos, though.  We promote all types of costuming as an art form.

I have some old photos you might be interested in, but I don’t feel like uploading them myself.  Do you want them?
Yes! We are always looking for photos (digital or paper or slides) or CDs of all costume-related events for our permanent collection.

I have videotapes/DVDs of costume events (i.e. masquerades, costume parades, etc.), but I don’t have a way to copy them.  Can you do it?
Yes!  For each item you loan to us, we will make copies for the Library and return your originals with a DVD  for your own collection.  Same for photographs.

 I have images from X costume event. Do you already have them?  Do you have a list of what is contained in the Library?
An event inventory list is not a priority at this time.  We are concentrating on getting the photographs inventoried first.  A partial list can be found here.  Eventually, we will get around to updating it again, since it could make it it easier for potential donors to contribute event photos where have no record.  We are always interested in additional photos from the same event, etc., even if we may already have some records in the Library. You might have a better picture of a particular costume, or information on the wearer, that we may not currently possess. Please contact the Archivist (icg-archivist@costume.org) with your information.

The current inventory can be found here:  They will be updated as necessity warrants.  We are actively seeking new material.

Do you purchase pictures?
Occasionally, but our budget is limited.  Please contact the Archivist.

I love what you’re doing! Can I donate money to maintain the Library and help it grow?
Absolutely! The ICG is a 501c3 organization, so donations are tax deductible. You can contact the ICG Treasurer (icg-treasurer@costume.org) and tell them you want to send money earmarked specifically for the archives.   We also have a Paypal button: http://www.costume.org/donate.html.

What if I have a correction about info on a photo?
Registered users can post a comment to the picture. We also welcome corrections sent to the Archivist (icg-archivist@costume.org).

Other Questions

Are these costumes for sale or rent?
We do not have that information, but most likely, no. This is strictly a site for the appreciation of the making, and the makers of, costumes.

How can I contact someone in a photo about how they made their costume? Maybe they can make one for me?
We do not have that information. You might try an Internet search on their name to see if they have a website. You can also check out the links on the ICG website main page for mailing lists, and other resources.

I’d like to buy some photos I’ve seen on the site. How do I contact the photographer?
Unless the photographer has a link to their own sales website, they are not for sale. Warning: this site makes no guarantees of the reliability of any photographer who may link from this site, and it is not responsible for any problems with transactions involving said photographers. Let the buyer beware.

 What if I have a question not on this FAQ?
Please send your questions to the site admin (gallery-admin@costume.org) or the Archivist.  If the answers would benefit many visitors, we’ll add them to the list.

Gallery administrator: Bruce Mai (gallery-admin@costume.org)
Kennedy Library Archivist: Pierre Pettinger (icg-archivist@costume.org)