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A U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational organization

The ICG is an affiliation of hobbyist and professional costumers, dedicated to the promotion and education of costuming as an art form in all its aspects.

photo of Marty Gear by Stephen Lesnik

Marty Gear Fund Grants Available

Do you have an idea for a project or activity that advances the art and science of costuming and benefits the costuming community as a whole or a local costuming community? Then apply for a grant...
formal picture of eric cannon and sue kulinyi

2017 President’s and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

At Costume-Con 35, The 2017 ICG Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to videographers Eric Cannon and Sue Kulinyi, whose mission is to make costumers look good onstage for future generations to view. Six President’s Awards were also presented.

Myrtle R Douglas Recognized As the “Mother of Convention Costuming”

At MidAmeriCon II, the 74th Worldcon in Kansas City Missouri, the ICG made a special presentation, announcing its recognition of Myrtle R "Morojo" Douglas as the "Mother of Convention Costuming"...
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New ICG Website Goes Live!

New ICG Website Goes Live!

I am very excited to announce that the new ICG website is now online. Thanks to the ICG web team for their hard work over the last two years, including Jacalyn Boggs, Andrew Assarattanakul, and Susan Toker. I also want to recognize Kathe Gust for proofreading every page and making corrections, and ICG President Marianne Pease for her continued encouragement and support.

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2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Group Photo

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Group Photo

This portrait by Steward Hartman was taken at Costume-Con 35 following the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award presentation. It includes 2017 co-recipients Eric Cannon and Sue Kulinyi, and the past LAA recipients who helped present the award that evening. Left to right:...

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2017 ICG President’s Message

2017 ICG President’s Message

President's Message at 2017 Annual ICG Members and Board Meetings My focus has been on financial stability, growth, educational outreach, and providing value for our affiliated chapters and their members. It is surprising to realize just how much the ICG has...

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ICG Press Approved

ICG Press Approved

The ICG Press will publish books and monographs that are of interest to the costuming community. It will provide a place for costumers and those interested in costuming to share their knowledge in greater depth than through short articles in the ICG’s “The International Costumer” or chapter newsletters, or longer articles in the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild’s “The Virtual Costumer” magazine.

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ICG 2018 Elections

The slate of ICG officers for 2018-2019 elected at the ICG Annual Meeting included Marianne Pease, Mera Babineau, Anne Davenport, Jeanine Swick, and Vicky Assarattanakul.

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ICG Awarded Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar.

The ICG has just been awarded a 2018 Platinum Seal of Transparency by the non-profit reporting agency, GuideStar GuideStar is used by most grant-making organizations and others to verify the non-profit status and operating practices of an organization. The ICG participates in the categories of “Art and Culture” and “Education.”

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Myrtle R Douglas: Mother of Convention Costuming