Richard Man 2023 Hugo WinnerOn October 21 at the 2023 Worldcon in Chengdu China, Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild member Richard Man received the “Best Fan Artist” Hugo award for his “Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy” photography project. According to Richard, he is the first photographer nominated for this award.

Starting in 2015, Richard set out to photograph SF&F genre creators: writers, artists, occasionally editors, etc, using a traditional large-format 4″x5″ film camera. This painstaking photography process captures the essence of the person in front of the camera; a picture that tells a thousand-word story. Richard has also been photographing portraits of costumers with a similar setup and intent.

Richard talked about his project during a “Silicon Web Costumers Guild Presents” webinar on September 10, 2023, including his goals for the project and the equipment he uses. He also showed some of the photographs he has taken of sci-fi/fantasy authors. A recording of the webinar is available on the SiW website (

Congratulations, Richard!