The annual General Meeting of the membership will be held at Costume-Con 42, in Aurora, Colorado on Friday, March 29, 2024. The Board of Directors meeting will be held at 9:00AM MT and recess at 10.15AM. The General Meeting starts at at 10:30AM. Afterward, the Board meeting will briefly re-convene no later than 11:45 AM to elect the members’ selected officers to Board, as we must vacate the room by noon. (The Board meeting is in its 30-day hold on new business in the online meeting effective February  28, 2024).

At the time of this announcement, the meeting is scheduled to be held in Conference Room 3 at the facility. Any change in location will be prominently posted on site. (This room has also been labeled by CC42 as Panel Room 3.)

We plan to have a Zoom simulcast of the meeting, but doing so is dependent on the available bandwidth in the conference room. If you cannot attend in person, please submit your proxy online so your voice may be represented in questions placed before the membership. Board decisions may not be voted on by proxy, in accordance with corporate code, but can be voted on via Zoom.

At this time I am not aware of any major items of business being proposed for the General meeting.

If you have items to place on the agenda for either the Board or the General Meeting please notify either your chapter board representative, the ICG Recording Secretary ( or me ( by Wednesday, March 22. Please note that if your proposed business requires discovery (review of information), providing documents in advance that can be shared with the Board and/or membership will speed the discussion in the meeting.

Kevin Roche
President, International Costumers’ Guild