Board of Directors


Marianne Pease


Mera Babineaux

Vice President

Jeanine Swick


Vicky Assarattanakul

Corresponding Secretary

Anne Davenport

Recording Secretary

Chapter Representatives

Henry Osier

Armed Costumers Guild

K. Robin Egger

Beyond Reality Costumers Guild

Patrick O'Connor

Chicagoland Costumers Guild

Carrie Vaughn

Central Ohio Costumers

Lorretta Morgan

Costume/Cosplay/Maker of Texas

Crescentia Volz

Costumers Guild of Lancaster

S├ębastien Bouchard

Fibre Fantasy Artists of Canada

Merrily Wolf

The Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers Guild

Vicki Warren

The Greater Delaware Valley Costumers Guild

Antoinette de Alteriis

Gulf Coast International Costumers' Guild

Jennifer Old-d'Entremont

Kansas City Costumers Guild

Elaine Mami

Lower Arizona Costume Enthusiasts

Vicky Young Assarattanakul

Madison Area Costuming Society

Byron Connell

NJ/NY Costumers Guild

Judy Mitchell

Northern Lights Costumers Guild

Jacalyn Boggs

Northern Virginia Costumers Guild

Bruce Mai

St. Louis Costumers Guild

Elaine Sims

Silicon Web Costumers Guild

Randall Whitlock

Southwest Costumers Guild

Lorien Fletcher

Time Travelers Costume Guild