Rae Bradbury

Kevin Roche – President (Silicon Web Costumers Guild) is a sci-fi/fantasy and historical costumer with extensive experience entering, judging, and running masquerades. He was Chair of Costume-Con 26 in 2008 and Worldcon 76 in 2018. Kevin received the ICG’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007. He is a past ICG vice-president, and past president of the Silicon Web Costumers Guild.

Rae Bradbury

Leslie Johnston, Vice President (The Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumer’s Guild) is the Director of Digital Preservation at the U.S. National Archives (NARA). Leslie has been costuming since the 1970s, making both fantasy and historical competition and hall costumes. She has won many awards at many masquerades over the years, including at Balticon, BayCon, Costume-Con, Westercon, and Worldcon. She loves to learn new techniques with every costume she builds, and particularly enjoys working with unusual materials.

Jeanine Swick
Jeanine Swick – Treasurer (Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild) is ICG Treasurer and former SiW Secretary. Her grandmothers and mother taught her to make clothes for dolls and school at an early age. In Home-Ec, she made 3 piece suits while others figured out 3 piece patterns. She costumed in high school for theater, and later for her own teens. Her work is “period inspired” rather than historically accurate, incorporating her own creativity. She sells at regional renfaires, cons, SCA, and belly dance events. Visit Designs by J.

(Open) – Corresponding Secretary 

Kathe Gust
Anne Davenport – Recording Secretary (Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild) has been costuming for 40 years since sewing and wearing a Starfleet uniform for Senior Class Dress-up Day in high school. Most of her costuming energies are aimed at convention hall costuming, but she also participates in Masquerades at the Master level from Costume-Cons to Worldcons.

Relevant fan experience: editing a very tiny SF club newsletter and serving on a couple of fan club boards in the 1990’s. She is currently helping the Rebel Legion (a Star Wars costuming group) revise their club charter, which currently has significant organizational difficulties. She now looks forward to doing some good for the ICG, which she has been a member of for at least twice as long as she has been with the Rebel Legion.