Helpful Hands of the ICG

Newsletter Editor

Melina Chestley

Web Master

Philip Gust

Associate Webmasters:

  • Andrew Assarattanakul


Pierre Pettinger

Associate Archivists:

  • Bruce Mai
  • Nora Mai

Gallery Administrator

Nora Mai


Pierre Pettinger

Group Exemption Letter (GEL)

Bruce MacDermott

Assistant Administrator:

  • Elaine Sims

Standing Committees

Budget and Finance

General oversight of ICG finances, preparation of annual budgets, and review of financial reports.

  • Bruce MacDermott [2020-2021] (Chair)
  • Elaine Sims [[2020-2021]
  • Jeanine Swick [Treasurer]

Communications and Public Relations

Publicity, and public relations activities with conventions and other costume-related organizations.

  • Vicky Assarattanakul [Corresponding Secretary] (chair)
  • Aurora Celeste [[2020-2021]
  • Kathe Gust [[2020-2021]

Costuming Arts and Sciences Grant Fund

Fund Administration:

  • Byron Connell [[2020-2021] (Chair)
  • Jeanine Swick [Treasurer]

Grant Evaluation:

  • Jill Eastlake [[2020-2021]
  • Elaine Mami [[2020-2021]
  • Jacqui Ward [[2020-2021]
  • Ken Warren [[2020-2021]


Publication related activity including the ICG Newsletter.

  • Melina Chestley [Newsletter Editor] (chair)
  • Betsy Delaney [2020-2021]
  • Kathe Gust [2020-2021]
  • Philip Gust [Webmaster]
  • Patrick O’Connor [2020-2021]
  • Jeanine Swick [Treasurer]
  • Randall Whitlock [2020-2021]

Technology and Web

Technical and web iniatives such as the operation of this web site and the ICG International Costumers Gallery.

  • Andrew Assarattanakul [[2020-2021]
  • Philip Gust [Webmaster] (Chair)
  • Leslie Johnston [2020-2021]
  • Nora Mai [ICG Gallery Administrator]
  • Patrick O’Connor [2020-2021]
  • Pierre Pettinger [ICG Archivist]
  • Jeanine Swick [Treasurer]

Ad-Hoc Committees

ICG Guidelines to Fair Play Revision

Evaluate the current ICG Guidelines to Ensure Fair Competition, seek input from the costuming community, and propose revisions to the ICG Board of Directors.

There is no committee at this time as the proposed guidelines revision has been submitted for approval. If you are interested in joining the next committee, contact the President for more details.