Resources for Chapters and SIGs

This page provides resources to help ICG Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) apply for ICG affiliation, get started, run their organization, and connect with new members and their communities.

Applying for ICG Affiliation

Whether yours is a new costuming group or an already established one, the first step is to apply for affiliation with the ICG. Learn about the benefits of ICG affiliation and the process of applying.

Getting Started

Once your affiliaton is approved, the process of comming onboard can seem complicated, but relax — it’s really not. The resources available here will provide guidance and useful tips to simplify the process.

Running Your Chapter or SIG

Once your Chapter or SIG is started, what should it be doing to run smoothly and take advantage of available resources? This section provides information that will help your Chapter or SIG leadership learn about job responsibilities, apply for tax-exempt status, and take advantage of available benefits and free or discounted products and services,

Promoting Your Chapter or SIG

Promoting your Chapter or SIG is important to attract new members, let people know about your activities, and gain support in your local or interest community. You’ll find simple public relations tips, and templates that your Chapter or SIG can customize for the most common kinds of collateral