Employer ID for U.S. Chapters and SIGs

U.S. based chapters and SIGs need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) before setting up a bank account or participating in the ICG’s Group Exemption Letter program. The application is completed online using the IRS “EIN Assistant.” It only takes a few minutes, and the new EIN will be assigned immediately at the end of the process. The application can only be made by a chapter or SIG officer, usually the Treasurer, or by a duly authorized member.

This page will guide you through the process, and help you past some of the trickier steps.

  1. Go to the Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online page on the IRS website and select the “Apply Online Now” button to access the EIN Assistant, then select the “Begin Application” button.
  2. The first page asks for the type of organization. Check “View Additional Types” and then check “Other Non-Profit/Tax-Exempt Organizations” on the next page.
  3. Once you confirm your choice, you’re asked why you are requesting an EIN. Check “Banking purposes.”
  4. Next, you’re asked who is the responsible party. Choose “Existing business.”
  5. For business name, enter “International Costumers Guild” and for EIN enter the ICG’s EIN: 52-1656188. (the chapter or SIG is a subsidiary of the ICG). Also check that you are a responsible or duly authorized member or officer.
  6. Enter the mailing address and phone number for the chapter or SIG. If your chapter or SIG has a P.O. box, that can be used as the address on the application. Otherwise, use the home address of the Treasurer. For the “care of” name, use the name of the chapter or SIG.
  7. For the tax-exempt organization information, enter “International Costumers Guild” as the legal name, and the name of the chapter or SIG as the “trade name/doing business as.” For the start date, enter the month and year your chapter or SIG formed.
  8. When you select “Continue” you will be taken to an EIN confirmation page. Once you’ve completed the process, you should write down the new EIN, and then save the page showing the new EIN as a PDF file. Make several copies for your chapter records. At minimum, your Secretary and Treasurer should have copies.

Note 1: Always use the same name for your chapter or SIG when applying for an EIN, for setting up a bank account, for participating the ICG’s Group Exemption letter, and any other place your EIN is required. Using the same name consistently will avoid delays due to questions about the identity of your group.

Note 2: If you choose to submit IRS Form SS-4 rather than using the online application, line 9a asks for the type of entity. Select “Other nonprofit organization” and specify “Educational” for the type. Also fill in ICG’s 4-digit Group Exemption Number: 2419. The online form does not request a Group Exemption Number.