image: Flaticon.comThe ICG is an affiliation of local and regional organizations who have joined the ICG as chapters. Anyone who joins one of these chapters can also become an ICG member by paying the ICG membership dues. Many chapters support the ICG by including ICG membership in their chapter membership. A few chapters make ICG membership optional.

As a volunteer driven non-profit, the ICG vitally depends on  individual memberships to support its operation, which provide significant benefits to chapters and the greater costuming community. ICG members also receive direct benefits such as invitations to annual and online ICG meetings, voting for ICG officers, participation in the ICG online chat group, and receiving ICG announcements and notices of newsletter posts and new issues as they become available. We hope that you will support the ICG and its mission by becoming an ICG member.

Managing ICG memberships

ICG memberships are managed by the ICG Treasurer, and whoever is responsible for membership in each chapter, usually the chapter treasurer or secretary. The ICG website includes a “Resources for Chapters and SIGs” section with a wealth of information on starting and running a chapter or SIG. The “Reporting Membership” page provides detailed information for chapters on managing and reporting ICG memberships.

Reporting memberships to the ICG

By the 7th of every month, each chapter should send records to the ICG Treasurer for ICG members who have joined or renewed, who have expired, and whose contact information or role has changed. The ICG Treasurer uses these records to update the master ICG membership list. Chapters should send records in the required format to avoid delays and ensure that the ICG Treasurer can accurately update the master membership list. By the 7th of each January, chapters should send a full membership list to the ICG Treasurer in the required format. The ICG Treasurer will send a reminder in December. The “Reporting Membership” page includes template spreadsheets.

It is important for ICG members to keep their information up to date with their chapters, and for chapters to report this information promptly by the 7th of every month to ensure full benefits for members. There is no need for members to report changes to the ICG Treasurer.

Joining multiple ICG chapters

An ICG member may belong to multiple chapters, but only their “primary chapter” collects and forwards dues to the ICG Treasurer. Other chapters that members belong to are known as “non-primary chapters.” If a member joins another chapter, it is important to let the other chapter know that you are already an ICG member and your ICG membership renewal date. This also becomes the renewal date for non-primary chapters. Chapters should include non-primary members in their monthly reports.

Most ICG members are “individual members.” If multiple people live at the same address, they can join as a “household.” One member joins as the “head of household” at the same rate as an individual member, and the others join as “household members” at a reduced rate. All members of a household have the same expiration date. If an ICG member joins another chapter, let that chapter know whether you are an “individual member,” “head of household,” or “member of household.”

ICG membership payments

Primary chapters collect ICG membership payments and sending them to the ICG Treasurer. Chapters should send payments each month for new or renewing members by check, using the chapter bank’s bill pay service, or by PayPal. There is no extra fee for sending a check or using a bank bill pay service. The ICG Treasurer ( will provide bank information to set up direct bill pay on request. However, PayPal charges the ICG a fee for each payment (currently $0.50 plus 2%). Contact the ICG Treasurer for help calculating the fee for your transaction. Chapters must add the PayPal fee to their payments to cover the fee. Memberships cannot be processed unless the full amounts are received. To avoid fees, chapters can use one of the other payment methods.

For more information

For more information and suggestions on managing ICG memberships, chapters should visit the “Reporting Membership” page on the ICG website, or contact the ICG Treasurer at

Jeanine Swick
ICG Treasurer