Fund Committee

The Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Fund is administered by a standing Fund Committee that functions as the governing board for the Fund. The Committee consists of the ICG Treasurer and at least one independent member. Committee members and its chair are appointed by the ICG President. The committee includes the following ICG members:

  • Byron Connell (Chair)
  • Jeanine Swick [Treasurer]

The Committee does not consider grant applications or make grants. Instead, it assigns independent grant evaluators to evaluate grant applications, determine which to recommended, and set amounts and conditions for the grant.

Responsibilities of the the Fund Committee include:

  • maintaining the Governing Document under which the Fund operates
  • managing the grant application and administration process
  • preparing an annual funding request as part of the ICG budget process
  • issuing an annual report on the Fund and its administration
  • overseeing the Fund account that is used to make grants
  • determining what portion of the account is available for grants each year

See the Fund Governing Document for a complete description of how the fund is administered.