Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Fund and the grant application process.

Where does the Fund get money for grants?

The Fund gets money to make grants from several sources. A portion of ICG membership dues are budgeted towards the Fund each year. The Fund also relies on the generosity of individual and institutional donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fund. Your donation will help support worthwhile projects and activities that promote the art and science of costuming and further the ICG’s purpose as a non-profit educational organization. top

Who can apply?

Any member of the ICG can apply for a grant. Small groups of ICG members are also eligible to submit an application for a project where they will be working together. Those who receive a grant must maintain their ICG membership during the grant period. top

What kinds of projects and activities are eligible?

Any project or activity that advances the art and science of costuming and benefits the costuming community as a whole or a local costuming community will be considered. A few examples include:

  • Development of educational courses in costuming techniques
  • Local outreach programs that promote or raise awareness of costuming
  • Creating an online library of hard-to-find costuming resources
  • Use of costuming to aid seriously or terminally ill children


Who can a proposed project or activity benefit?

A grant is not free money that benefits only the grant recipient. Your proposal should benefit the costuming community as a whole or a specific locale. It should identify the community that it will benefit, and describe how it will benefit that community and how the impact will be assessed. Be as specific as possible in describing:

  • what the results are
  • what effect they will have
  • how the effect will be measured
  • the size of the community who will benefit
  • the time frame over which the benefits will happen

How much money can I request?

You should request a range of funds based on how much money your project or activity requires. The budget you submit with your proposal should show how the money will be used for different grant amounts and what other sources of funding you have. Grant awards depend on the number of grant applications and the amount of money available in the Fund. Grants are generally seed funding for a project or to supplement other funding sources. top

How do I apply for a grant?

Download and complete the grant application form. Be sure to carefully read the instructions and provide all the information requested on the form. Use as much additional space as you require. Send your application by email to the address in the instructions. If you have attachments, be sure to include them with your application. You will receive an acknowledgement by email. Grant applications are handled confidentially. top

How is my application evaluated?

Grant applications received by the Fund are reviewed by independent grant evaluation panels assigned by the Fund’s administration committee. The panel will evaluate your application in an objective and non-discriminatory process that takes into account

  • the quality of the proposed project or activity
  • its impact on the intended audience
  • the qualifications of the applicants
  • whether the deliverables and benefits can be adequately measured
  • the likelihood that the project or activity will substantially achieve its objectives

See the application form MS Word and the Fund Governing Document for full details. top

How soon will I hear back?

The evaluation process takes time. Members of evaluation panels and the Fund administration committee are volunteers who do this for the love of costuming. How long it takes to evaluate an application depends on several factors, including

  • the availability of qualified panel members
  • how clear and complete your application is
  • how much interaction is required with the applicant(s)
  • the number of other applications that are pending

Feel free to send a note to the Fund if you have not heard back for a while, but keep in mind that the Fund cannot guarantee to evaluate your application within a given period of time. If your funding needs are more immediate, you should also seek out additional funding sources.  top

What happens if I receive a grant?

The Fund will notify you if your proposal is selected, and let you know the amount and any conditions. You will report on progress based on milestones for your project or activity. Once the project or activity is completed, you will submit a final report describing your results. The Fund will publicise details of your grant, and you may also have an opportunity to tell members about your project or activity in an ICG publication. top