In March 2022, the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild Board voted to reconstitute the “Dreamcatcher” award and rename it to honor the life of Dana Rae MacDermott, a founding member. The award is now known as the “Dana Rae MacDermott Memorial Award” (DRaMMA). It recognizes innovation in costume design, construction and presentation.

SiW DRaMMA AwardsThe recipient receives a medal, a certificate, and a one year membership in the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild. The certificate was designed by then Silicon Web Vice President Betsy Marks, and depicts the comedy and tragedy masks; a symbol widely recognized to represent the creative arts.

Three non-competing, non-judging members of Silicon Web must be present at the particular Masquerade for an award to be presented. There may be times when the members present decide that no entry in that particular masquerade merits an award.

The first DRaMMA awards were given to three entries in the SF&F masquerade in 2022 at Costume-Con 40 (see “First SiW DRaMMA Awards Presented” in the May 2022 issue of The Virtual Costumer magazine). In 2023, Silicon Web presented DRaMMA awards to two entries at Costume-Con 39, one in the historical masquerade and one in the Single Pattern competition (see “SiW DRaMMA Awards at CC-39” in the May 2023 issue of The Virtual Costumer magazine). Silicon Web is looking forward to the opportunity of presenting DRaMA awards at Costume-Con 42 in April 2024. Stay tuned…