Spazzy awardThe Spazzy is the Sick Pups’ award for the sickest humor in a masquerade. It is named for Spaz, our mascot. It takes the form of an award certificate and an award ribbon with three tails and an image of Spaz at the center of the rosette. Two of the tails have canine paw prints. We do not use a trophy.

Seeking to award humor as sick as we are, the Pups began plotting to award the best sick humor in a masquerade in around 1987 or 1988. That means we’re guilty of setting forth the avalanche of chapter-specific awards that began in the early ‘90s. Sorry ‘bout that! However, unlike most chapter-specific awards, which are awarded at every masquerade, Spazzies are rarer birds dogs. They’re awarded only if a consensus of the Pups in the audience decides that an entry deserves one. Originally, we conceived of the Spazzy as an annual award for the very sickest and funniest masquerade entry of a year. We quickly recognized that this idea was impractical and turned to awarding them masquerade by masquerade.

Chaos of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Photo: ICG Cosplay Photo Shoots SIG

The Pups awarded the very first Spazzy to some guy named Kevin . . . Roche (I think). Yes, that’s right: Kevin Roche! Our most recent Spazzy went to Anastasia Holt and William Kennedy for “Chaos of the Sugar Plum Fairy” in the Costume-Con 40 Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade. (The judges awarded it Best in the Master Division and a gave it a Workmanship Award for Best Original Design.) Occasionally, entries in a Historical Masquerade have earned Spazzies.

We’re bringing Spazzies to Costume-Con 42, so we’ll be ready should an entry meet our high standard. Be prepared!

Byron Connell,
President, New Jersey-New York Costumers’ Guild, Inc.
(aka The Sick Pups of Greater Monmouth County)