anime costume by Alex Hegel

Anime costume by Alex Hegel at now defunct event from 2007.

The ICG Archives is looking for fan photos. What do we mean by that?

Our artform is so much more than just what you see on stage. We often get official photos from masquerade events but that is only a fraction of what shows up at a con or other event.

What we’d love to have is your personal photos of hall costumes or alternative views of stage costumes, and pics from events that don’t have stage events – fairs and get-togethers. And there’s many events we never see anything from because they’re in a geographical area we don’t frequent.

If you have older print photos, we will scan them and return them to you along with the digitized images. That way you can pop them onto your computer, enjoy them, and share them with your friends, rather than having them stuck in albums that you haven’t looked at in years.

So we want your photos! Contact us at, and we will let you know how to get them to us.

Nora Mai
Associate Archivist
ICG Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives