The ICG Annual and general meeting took place at its traditional time and location, the Friday morning of CostumeCon 39 just prior to the convention start.

With one slight change this year.

It began at 10 AM instead of the usual time at 9 AM. Non-morning-person attendees expressed approval. There were also online attendees, via Zoom, a 21st century innovation made necessary by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic that is likely continue for future meetings.

The initial BoD portion of the meeting went very calmly. No muss, no fuss this year, with an easy-to-follow formula: approve minutes, reports, no new business.

All current ICG officers agreed to stand for office for the coming year. Yay!

Approval of 2022 Annual ICG meeting minutes (speedily done).

President’s Report

  • Alas, lost 2 chapters – LACE (Lower Arizona – sadly completely lost contact with Elaine Mami) and GCICG (Gulf Coast in New Orleans).
  • Yes! We really do want to review our governing documents! Kevin Roche learned a lot by doing it for other organizations and plans to apply that to ICG which are in dire need of updates.
  • ICG needs more volunteers.

Treasure’s Report

Things are still challenging but getting better. We did lose 22 members and 2 chapters, but had a small net income.

Vice President’s Report

  • Support ICG President.
  • Ad hoc projects with others: online version of masquerade handbook and working with other on a history of ICG.

Other Report Tidbits and Discussion from the BoD meeting:

  • Working on getting rid of old ICG Slack.
  • Some chapters are having issues with their web pages. Google workspace can help with that!
  • Google workspace has wiki capability.
  • No SIG Reports.
  • We’re expanding the Archives! Done 15 Worldcons and going backward over the years for more.
  • Working on training materials for new Archives helpers.
  • Video is next Archives expansion.
  • No photos/video from last year’s Chicago Worldcon yet. Oh no!
  • Want to start and oral history for ICG.
  • After a long draught of Marty Gear Fund applications, there were 2 this year: one to purchase software for the CostumeCon Archives and one to sponsor online costume webinars through SiWeb.  Busy, busy.
  • After a recess and some ingestion of coffee/tea, the General BoD meeting – all members welcome – convened and discussed many of the same topics. And the General Meeting approved the slate of ICG officer candidates.

After the General meeting adjourned, the BoD reconvened briefly to give final approval of the ICG officers for the upcoming year. Congrats (or condolences) to all.

A draft of the meeting minutes will be posted on the ICG web page in the near future. And next year those 2023 minutes will appear again at CostumeCon 42 at the beginning of the BoD meeting to be approved. The cycle of life.

Anne Davenport
Recording Secretary, International Costumers’ Guild