Bryan Manternach (Scout Fox)

Bryan Manternach

Kevin Roche and Andrew Trembley

Kevin Roche, Andrew Trembley

At Costume-Con 39 in San Jose, California, co-chairs Jennifer “Radar” Wylie and Christine Doyle presented special CC-39 “Angel” awards to ICG members Kevin Roche and Andrew Trembley, and to Bryan Manternach (Scout Fox) for their extraordinary service. These awards are presented at the discretion of the directors of Costume-Con 39.

Here is the text of the award announcement:

“Good evening. Thank you so much for being here at Costume-Con 39. It’s been a very long and difficult road as we have navigated through the pandemic, and we want to thank all of our hard-working staff, all of the attendees who are here, and everyone who has purchased a supporting membership to support the convention. We would like to recognize three key people whose hard work has helped Costume-Con 39- as these individuals went far above and beyond their duties.

“We recognize Andy Trembley, for his service in running our social media accounts and Discord servers, as well as providing at-con signage and QR-code links to our material. We recognize Kevin Roche for being “second brain” to the Chairs, and for stepping in at the last minute as our hotel coordinator, as our previous coordinator had to step down. We Bryan Manternach, whose incredible wizardry and hard work as our tech lead enabled us to run our shows.

“It is with deepest gratitude that we present these medals as a thank you for supporting the Costume-Con community.”

Kevin Roche received an angel wing, and Andy Trembly  and Bryan Manternach received batwings. The medals are made of pewter and were provided by Kevin O’Hare of Fellowship Foundry/Obtanium Works. Hatbox art by Kimmi Allbee.

CC39 Angel Award (obverse)

CC39 Angel Award (obverse)

CC39 Angel Award (reverse)

CC39 Angel Award (reverse)