Cosplay Photoshoots SIG ExhibitionThe DC Cosplay Photo Shoots Special Interest Group (SIG) hosted an exhibition from February 4-11 at the Vulcan Muse Gallery in the Workhouse Arts Center of the work that guests to their events have made over the years.

SIG chair Dan Arango said that they are very excited to show off costumes and photographs to the general public and to educate them on the arts and crafts of costuming and costuming photography. This is the first time the SIG have ever been featured in an art gallery.

The SIG also participates in the Second Saturday Art Walk where people can meet members and chat about their nonprofit and outreach activities. According to Dan, these events are a great way for people to get to know members of the SIG a little better without having to attend a photo collaboration event or workshops. See the listing for the event on Instagram

Kathe Gust
Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild