1994 Annual Minutes

ICG Annual Meeting

February 21, 1994 at Costume-Con 12, Santa Clara, CA

ICG Board of Directors Meeting

  • Convene
  • Call roll of BoD
  • Recess — during recess validate & count proxies as have been carried by Board Members

ICG Annual Meeting

  • Call to Order
  • Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Old Business
    • Motion I
    • Motion2
  • New Business
  • CC15 Site Selection
  • Election of Officers
  • Recess from General Meeting
  • Reconvene Board of Directors to confirm elections & other topics as necessary

Motion 1

Moved- To delete from the Guidelines of the International Costumers’ Guild Guide- line #15 which currently reads: “Once a person has won at a level, they may then claim to be ranked as such. In other words, a person is called a ‘Journeyman’ after they have won in the Journeyman category.”

Motion 2

Moved – The ICG will present to Forrest J. Ackerman a special award and plaque showing our esteem and high regard, and recognizing him as the ‘Father o f Convention Costuming.’ The presentation of this plaque is to be at Conadian, the 52nd World Science Fiction Convention, at the Masquerade. Presenters shall be the President of the ICG, accompanied by a representative of each available chapter. Cost of the plaque is to be covered by a specific amount donated from each chapter, said amount to be determined by an equal split of the cost of said plaque.

Nominated List of Officers

President: Pierre E. Pettinger, Jr.
Vice-President: Patrick Kennedy
Treasurer: Betsy Marks Delany
Corresponding Secretary: Janet Wilson Anderson
Recording Secretary: Dana MacDermott

As published in “Costumers Quarterly” v.7 no.1, First Quarter 1994