Hej dag! Vi ska på semester!photo of two shirts in rainbow fabric

In English (more or less): Hi! We’re going on vacation!

Andy and I chose not to attend NASFiC or the Chengdu Worldcon this summer, and instead have been planning a 2-week trip to Iceland and Sweden. I’m composing this from the lounge at SeaTac airport as we wait for our plane to Keflavik to board.

This is actually our first vacation in perhaps 15 years where we are simply traveling for the fun of it. While we are attending events (we’ll be in Stockholm for all of their week-long Pride Festival) we aren’t volunteering for any of them!

This doesn’t mean we’re exactly costume free, I made the shirts shown here to have some more comfy cotton bright rainbow wear for Pride, and several of the places we’re going encourage dressing in theme, including Lasse i Gatan, a pirate themed restaurant.

I’ll post more photos once we’re home (or watch our socials).

Also this month I’ve written a post about Richard Man, ICG member nominated for the Fan Artist Hugo. (Richard is one of several costume-active fans nominated in that category this year — both Alison Scott and España Sheriff, at least, have been known to costume — but Richard has been active with the Guild and with Costume-Con for years.) Give it a peek!