Bill Laubenheimer and Carole Parker.

Photo: Richard Man

We are saddened to report that Bill Laubenheimer, the husband of Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild VP Carole Parker, passed away on July 19, 2023 while attending Pemmicon, the Nasfic being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bill was an experienced software architect and expert in software patents. In fandom Bill was known for their love of filking and writing songs focused on programming. Bill was the LepreCon 32 Music GoH.

In addition to many other accomplishments, Bill also regularly attended costume and sci-fi/fantasy conventions with Carole, and sometimes even participated in masquerade entries, such as “Alien Anthropologist” at Costume-Con 25.

Bill will be missed by their many friends and admirers. We offer Carole our love and support.