The International Costumers Gallery Policies

by | Mar 13, 2018

(updated July 12, 2007)

Contributor policies:

The Contributors’ Galleries are for photos of costumes from events such as:

  • Science Fiction masquerades
  • Halloween parties/costume contests
  • Historical re-enactments
  • Parades
  • Masquerade balls
  • Anime cosplay
  • Hall costumes
  • Unusual fashion shows/contests
  • Mascots
  • Dolls
  • Costumed pets

No artwork or prop photos (unless part of a series of detail shots of a particular costume) are to be posted to the contributor galleries.

Semi-nudity is acceptable so long as it is in the context of a costume.   Keep in mind, however, this site will be seen by people of all ages and cultures.

The Contributors’ Galleries are for people who have taken their own photos – we cannot accept photos purchased from an event or photographer that has not given us permissions to publish their works

All rights to the posted images belong to the photographers who shot them.

The Gallery does not have the capability to link to other costume websites. If you are interested in exchanging links with the ICG, please contact the webmaster (

For privacy reasons, we cannot divulge photographers’ contact information should they decline to display it within their personal galleries.

Solicitation of the contributors of these galleries is absolutely prohibited without permission from the Gallery Administrator. This includes but is not limited to sending out emails or private messages to contributors.

The Gallery does not keep copies of contributors’ photos in the physical archives.  We would welcome donations to the Library to be part of the permanent collection.  Please contact the Archivist ( for more information.

When registering for a user account, you must enter your real name.   You can change the ID that appears on your albums once your account is created, but we must have this for our records.  Failure to follow this policy risks revocation.

Registered users may leave comments on photos.  These should be of a constructive nature or for informational purposes.  Any remarks deemed overly negative will invoke a warning from the site admin.

Use common sense and courtesy when posting images and/or comments.

Members in violation of these policies will receive:

  • A written warning upon the first violation
  • A stronger warning upon the second violation (with possible suspension of privileges at the admin’s determination)
  • Revocation of account upon the third violation

Please refer any violations of the website policies to the site admin (gallery-admin @ for investigation.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ. If that doesn’t answer your question, please contact the site admin (  Suggestions for ways to improve the site or follow ups for additions to the Archives may be directed to the site admin or the Archivist, respectively.

The Gallery Administrator and Moderators have the final word on policies and enforcement. All questions and comments regarding the policies below should be sent to the Administrator


By uploading any photos to the site, you acknowledge understanding of the rules as set out below and agree to abide by them. Violation of the rules may result in suspension and/or removal of your account. We reserve the right to remove any photo from the site.

Gallery administrator: Bruce Mai (

Kennedy Library Archivist: Pierre Pettinger (