You can all breathe a relative sigh of relief; Worldcon and Dragon*Con are over and done with. Of course there’s still Archon coming up early next month, so don’t think you’re off easy!

According to Martin Jacquish, this year’s Worldcon masquerade had 33 entries, 15 of which were re-creations, 17 original designs, and 1 with both original and re-creation elements.The largest group numbered 14, making for a total of 90 participants plus one small dog!

We’ll have a complete list of winners shortly, but the “Best In” winners include:

  • BEST IN JUNIOR CLASS – RE-CREATION: River Tam, from the film “Serenity”, made and worn by Tory Burnside-Clapp.
  • BEST IN NOVICE CLASS – ORIGINAL DESIGN: “Dragon of Autumn”, made & worn by Dana Teh.
  • BEST IN NOVICE CLASS – RE-CREATION: “Oogie Boogie Goes for Sally”, worn by Alta Peterson & Diane Stowe, made by Alta Peterson.
  • BEST IN JOURNEYMAN CLASS – ORIGINAL DESIGN: “Dreaming of The Stars”, made & worn by Karen McWilliams and Stu Shepherd.
  • BEST IN JOURNEYMAN CLASS – RE-CREATION: “Special Presentation”, made & worn by Randi Tinkham. Golden Carrot award made by Allan Tinkham, airbrushing by Maureen Russell.
  • BEST IN MASTER CLASS – RE-CREATION: “Foster´s Home For Imaginary Friends”, made & worn by M. Kwon, K. Kwon, L. Chen, L. Ikegawa, W. Kaa, and H. Lee, also known as “The Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts”.
  • BEST IN MASTER CLASS – ORIGINAL DESIGN: “Heritors of Yu”, made & worn by Pierre & Sandy Pettinger, Tina Connell, and John Blaker.
  • BEST IN SHOW:: “Trinity Blood”, a Master re-creation, made & worn by A.J. Wu, Judy Grivich, Tristen Citrine, and Aimee Steinberger.