Tina Connelll in costume
Photo: Steve Jacobson

Tina Connell

2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Tina Connell has been active in the costuming community for over 30 years. She competes in the master division, and has a record of awards at both Worldcons and Costume-Cons. She also teaches and writes articles on costuming topics, and runs and judges masquerades at the regional and international level.

Tina frequenly serves the costuming community behind the scenes, too. She is best known as the “Repair Table Person” at local, regional, and world science fiction conventions, assuring the availability of repairs in masquerade green rooms for virtually any type of mishap.

She also actively supports her primary ICG chapter, the New Jersey / New York Costumers Guild, where she has served as newsletter editor and is currently Recording Secretary. In 2004, Tina was recogized for her service by ICG president Carl Mami with a Presidential Award at Costume-Con 22.

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