Photo: John Upton

Penny Lipman

2012 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

For more than 25 years, Penny Lipman has been active non-stop in the costuming community. She served as President of the Great White North chapter some years ago, and is currently a member of the ICG Fibre Fantasy Guild of Canada. She is also an executive of the Costuming Society of Ontario, Canada.

Around 1980, she began going to cons and entering masquerades, and started attending Costume-Cons and Worldcons several years later. She has won numerous workmanship and presentation awards at all levels in local, regional, and international masquerades. Penny is always happy to participate in panels and workshops, teach courses, organize costume display rooms, and judge and run masquerades.

Penny found her true calling when she began partcipating behind the scenes. She has been active in the masquerade department, both as Co-Masquerade Director and as Green Room Manager, including stints at Worldcon and Costume-Con. She fell in love with green room organization and developed her own style. The green room repair kit that she developed and brings to conventions sets the standard for completeness, with all manner of forms and supplies.

In 2008, Penny was honored with the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association’s Aurora Award in the Fan (Organization) category for her masquerade organizational abilities.