in costume
Photo: Richard Man

Kevin Roche

2007 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

This year we honor another of our founders who was there at the very beginning and has continued to serve the ICG ever since.

Kevin Roche has been a self-confessed costumer since 1968 and has been attending Costume-Cons since 1984 appearing onstage many times as well as working behind the scenes. He´s also made a concerted effort to reach out to other communities, exposing them to our culture and us to theirs. He´s managed masquerades and other costuming events at Costume-Cons and for many other conventions and groups.

As a member of the ICG Fairness Guidelines Committee, he´s been promoting our ideals and encouraging fair play amongst groups that had little idea there might be a better way to do things.

And he balances all that hard work with a great sense of fun and enviable hosting skills at numerous parties to promote costuming, the ICG and his own Costume-Con next year.