Kathy Bushman Sanders in costume

Kathy Bushman Sanders

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Kathy Bushman Sanders started attending Worldcons in 1967. She attended the first Costume-Con in 1983 and she was a frequent attendee until CC18 in 2000. She and husband Drew chaired Costume-Con 4 in 1986 in Pasadena, CA. She also co-chaired CC14 in Seattle, Washington in 1996 with Thom Walls & Julie Zetterberg. Kat organized the masquerade for the Worldcon LACon III in 1996, one of the last really large Worldcon masques.

At first by herself, Kat began with some wonderful recreations, and frequently delved into mythology and traditional SF themes. Her Tarot series with husband Drew illustrated many different cultural influences. She often worked with large, elaborate groups that compelled audiences with their dignified grace.

Her terrific stage presence coupled with fabulous design work truly makes her one of our costuming pioneers. Her style and stagecraft influenced the early development of our artform.

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