in costume
Photo: Jack Krolak

Jill Eastlake

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Jill Eastlake admits being attracted to organizing and running things. “Something about using the talents of those around me, appreciating their work, and pulling off a great show is really satisfying,” she says. She agreed to run the Arisia 2007 Masquerade when it was close to being canceled, and ended up with so many entries that she had to close registration early. She also co-chaired Costume-Con 18 when it was in need of leadership and helped make it a success.

Jill costumes because sewing makes her happy. A good day is when she is at her cutting table and sewing machine. Making and wearing things with friends, she says, allows them to play together, present together, win together, and show off for each other. Jill and her friends created a 22 person “Mad 3 Party” entry for the 1984 LACon, an 8 person entry for the Winnipeg Worldcon in 1994, and a 14 person entry in 2007 as zodiac signs from an ancient Greek island, with her husband and her as the Gemini twins. She was a member of the “Arctic Circle” group entry that won Best in Show at Noreastcon IV in 2004.

Her advice to costumers is to get involved. She believes in learning something every day. She also believes that you receive what you give. “It’s wonderful to know that I have made a difference,” she says.