in costume

Bruce and Nora Mai

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Nora Mai was President of the ICG for 3 years, chaired Costume-Con 16 and has edited two Future Fashion Folios. She was the founding President of the St Louis Costumers Guild and has held SLCG offices on and off for nearly 20 years. A frequent contributor to the Future Fashion Folios, she started making her own Middle Eastern Dance costumes in High School because she couldn´t afford to buy them. She has been costuming for nearly four decades with experience in Historical and SF & F, and mostly does originals. She currently works as the primary photo archivist (digitizing and inventorying) for the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library and the International Costumers Gallery.

Bruce Mai´s first “costume” was a Dalek from Doctor Who, over 25 years ago. Once he met Nora, he learned to sew. He served as President of the St. Louis Costumers Guild for 5 years and co-chaired Costume-Con 25. Currently, he is the International Costumers Gallery Administrator and the video archivist for the Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Library. He likes to use his radio training as MC whenever he´s asked.

Together, they enjoy exploring new techniques and styles of costuming. They also like meeting and encouraging new costumers so they have more people to play with. They received the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2010 and in the future, they plan on remaining entertaining.