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Bjo and John Trimble

1992 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Bjo and John Trimble ran a series of costume-friendly conventions in the 1970s that are still influencing costuming today. EquiCon could always be counted upon to have a HUGE masquerade, but it also had a Fashion Show. The designs in the Fashion Show were determined by a mail-in contest and published in a booklet–the same Design Contest / Fashion Folio / Fashion Show format now used by Costume-Con.

Bjo’s notes on where to shop in the L.A. Fabric and Garment District, developed as a resource for the models in those early Fashion Shows, became part of the core of the first Whole Costumer’s Catalog. Bjo was the Masquerade Director for the Denver Worldcon in 1981, where judging using the Division System was tried for the very first time. John is a premier West-Coast MC, and his talents have been used at all sorts of conventions, up to and including Worldcon.

Both Bjo and John are always willing to pitch in and help out, whether it is teaching panels, doing makeup, or working behind the scenes to make sure an event comes off without a hitch.