Ann Catelli in costume
Photo: Ken Warren

Ann Catelli

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Ann Catelli has been a driving force in the costuming world for over seventeen years. She has served as the Vice President and President of the Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild. She has also served as both Vice President and President of the International Costumers’ Guild, as well as moderator of the ICG and Board Yahoo! groups.

Ann’s work in costuming has garnered major awards, including at Costume-Con 22 and LACon IV, where her groups won Master level awards. She has also been a masquerade judge, and a mainstay designer in the Future Fashion Folios. A great lover of dolls, Ann has made many contributions to Costume-Con doll contests. She frequently enters doll competitions, and has run them at Costume-Con 28 and at the upcoming Costume-Con 33.

Ann is also widely recognized for her work backstage. At nearly any con she attends that has a masquerade, you’ll usually find her backstage, either as a den mom in the green room, or as a ninja in black – if not head ninja – lending a helping hand to keep people from falling off stage.

In addition to costuming and doll making, Ann’s hobbies include chainmail and knitting.