2006 Webmaster’s Report

ICG Webmaster Report

2006 Annual Meeting

May 26, 2006

The ICG Website.

Work done since 1/2006:

  • Framed pages were dropped and replaced with single pages.
  • The background color of the site was changed to a more eye-friendly color.
  • The left-side navigation bar was improved.
  • News and updates were moved to the front page for easier access and visibility.
  • Addition of ‘Media Costuming Resources List’, courtesy of Signe Merrifield and associates.

Members photo gallery project:

  • Intent is to provide ICG members a place to display personal photos of their costumes.
  • Proposed unlimited viewing for all site visitors.
  • Software to accomplish this (Gallery) has been obtained and installed on the ICG webspace. Configuration is on-going.

Archives project:

  • Intent is to provide an internet home for the ICG archives, or whatever part of them is practical.
  • Proposed limited viewing for non-members.
  • Proposed full viewing for ICG members.
  • Status of the archives project is the responsibility of a committee who will report separately.

Future plans:

  • A major re-design of the site is planned for the board to review later this year.
  • Stephen Tang is overseeing this process.

Remaining concerns:

Keeping the site content up to date and fresh is a constant challenge. Several members have offered resources. Carole Parker has offered to assist in creating a ‘How Do I…’ section featuring tips gleaned from the ICG-D mailing list. It is hoped that other members will step forward to assist.

The ICG Mailing Lists.

  • Ann Catelli is now assisting with moderation duties for both the ICG-D list and the ICG-BOD list.
  • Both the ICG-D and ICG-BOD list archives are now publicly viewable. Interested parties can either visit the Yahoo Groups website directly or go to the ICG website and click on the associated link.
  • The ICG-D list contents are now available via an RSS feed. We have set up a LiveJournal transmission community for those who want to receive messages in that manner. Note: this can quickly overwhelm a LiveJournal friends list.


Respectfully submitted to the ICG Board of Directors, Jeff Morris.








Other items of interest.


ICG Mailing List. We will be looking for at least one additional moderator, possibly two in the coming year. Interested parties should contact the Webmaster.


ICG Message Board. We have set up a message board through ezBoards. We will be looking for moderators here as well. Interested parties should contact the Webmaster; experience with ezBoard is preferred but not essential.


Standing Rules and Oversight. We have suggested to the Board of Directors that the position of ICG Webmaster be established in the Standing Rules, much as the ICG Newsletter Editor has been. In connection with that, we have also stated that the Board should establish an oversight committee for the ICG’s Internet presence.