2002 Meeting Minutes

2002 Annual Meeting, International Costumers’ Guild, Inc.,
and Concurrent Meeting of its Board of Directors
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia,
February 18, 2002.

Call to Order of the Board of Directors Meeting at 10:45 am on February 18, 2002

Note: These minutes are subject to correction and approval by the members.

Discussion about the agenda at hand. If there are any reports to be given. Total number of proxies that are present.

The Report from the Treasurer was handed out. The board of directors adopted the budget for 2002. Budget was unanimously passed.

Call to Order of the General Meeting at 11:10am on February 18, 2002

Determination of a Quorum was determined.

Members Present:

  • Carl Mami, Vice President, NJ/NY Costumers Guild
  • Dora Buck, Recording Secretary, NJ/NY Costumers Guild
  • Eileen Capes, Western Canadian Costumers Guild
  • Katherine Jepson, Western Canadian Costumers Guild
  • Chris Ballas, Australian Costumers Guild
  • Michelle Soloman, Chicagoland Costumers Guild
  • Deb Salsbury, California

Members Represented by Proxy: 46 held by Carl Mami and Dora Buck, 4 held by Eileen Capes.

Approval of the Minutes of the 2001 Annual Meeting:

  • Chris Ballas moved to accept the minutes.
  • Eileen Capes seconded
  • Unanimously approved


Report of the President was waived until the next meeting since there was no report.

Note: The President was there in effigy if not in real life. A picture was held up for everyone to see, Madam President with the pink chapeau on.

Report of the Vice President: The state of the vice is very good. We are moving along quite well. We had a few setbacks this year (9-11), which we could not do any thing about.

Report of the Treasurer was tabled until the next meeting since there was no report. Finance, Membership, Chapters’ recognition terminated was waived until a later date.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary, Correspondence and Public Relations Committee was waived until the next meeting.

Report of the Recording Secretary: I am writing as fast as I can. Nothing else to report.

Report of the Editor, ICG Annual: Waived the reading of the report until a later time.

Report of the Editor, The Costumer’s Quarterly: We have fallen behind again due to numerous reasons. We will be putting out one big issue with 4 sections for the year 2001. 2002 will only have 3 quarters with the last quarter being the Annual done by Bruce and Nora Mai. The quarterly does not use pictures but the Annual will.

The Editorial Board: Nothing to report from the editorial board.

Publication and Other Matters: Nothing to report

Report of the Archivist:

  1. CC19 gave enough money to replace the scanner, since the old one burned out.
  2. Kindness of the members we got a DVD writer transfer all of the tape to DVD.
  3. We have all but 2 of the CC’s. We hope to have it available for anyone in 2003.
  4. We have finally divided on the location of the raw data for the archives they will be located in Canada, Australia, East Coast, West Coast and the Midwest. With the full database to follow when it is completed.

Report of the Parliamentarian was waived until the next meeting.

Report of the Webmaster was tabled until the next meeting since there was no report. Note: the Webmaster has changed hands. Jeff Morris is now the new Webmaster. Updated web page will be done in March.

Old Business

New Business:

The ICG Annual will replace the 4th quarter of the CQ. There was no discussion concerning the matter.

Selection of Officers: Nominations Made in Advance

The following members in good standing have been nominated for the offices indicated:

  • President: Darla Kruger (Costumer’s Guild West)
  • Vice President: Carl Mami (New Jersey/New York Costumers’ Guild)
  • Treasurer: Sharon Trembley (New Jersey/New York Costumers’ Guild)
  • Corresponding Secretary: Jess Miller (Costumer’s Guild West)
  • Recording Secretary: Dora Buck (New Jersey/New York Costumers’ Guild)

Nominations from the Floor: No nominations.

  • Katherine Jepson moved to accept the nominations as it stands.
  • Deb Salsbury seconded.
  • Approved unanimouslyAdjournment of the Annual Meeting of the Members
  • Motion to adjourn by Eileen Capes
  • Seconded by Chris Ballas
  • ApprovedElection by the Board of Directors of the Officers Selected by the Annual Meeting
  • Eileen Capes moved for the election of officers as it stands
  • Michele Solomon seconded
  • All approvedAdjournment of the Meeting of the Board of DirectorsRespectfully,
  • Dora Buck, Recording Secretary
  • The meeting adjourned at 11:25am.