It is my happy duty to announce that the 2021 recipients of the International Costumers’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award are Philip and Kathleen Gust.

Phil and Kathe Gust made a splash in the San Francisco Bay Area costuming community 18 years ago, with Lord of the Rings costumes featuring King Theoden of Rohan and Eowyn of Rohan. After winning a “Rising Star” award from the GBACG (Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild), a tie-award for a best-of workmanship title in the Novice category, and the winner of the Best Fantasy Costume in the Masquerade at BayCon (a large regional convention) in 2006, their rising star was certainly the one to watch!

Both singly and as a couple, Phil and Kathe descended upon the costuming community with glitter, knowledge, and a desire to serve. They have each taught classes at multiple conventions, and for the annual GBACG Costume Academy, on a variety of topics. They have run masquerades at the regional level, and judged at both regional and international competitions.

They have also ably served as officers in multiple roles within the ICG.

I am both pleased and proud to add Philip and Kathleen Gust’s names to the roster of Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients.
Congratulations, Phil and Kathe!

Kevin Roche
President, International Costumers’ Guild

The Announcement premiered via Youtube at 6PM PDT, April 24, 2021

First presented in 1990 to Marjii Ellers, the International Costumers’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award is given, at the discretion of the ICG Board of Directors, no more frequently than once a year.

The LAA recognizes a body of achievement in the costuming art and service to the costuming community.

Candidates for the award:

  • Shall have been active in the costuming community for at least 10 years.
  • Shall have achieved significant recognition for their costuming skills, which may be in the form of, but not restricted to, competitive awards, professional accomplishments, teaching of skills, and/or media recognition.
  • Shall have made significant contributions in service to the costuming community.

The ICG President oversees the nomination and election process. Nominations can be made by any ICG member, chapter, or SIG in good standing, and then are voted on via secret ballot by ICG chapter presidents and the five elected officers.