Myrtle R “Morjo” Douglas

At MidAmeriCon II, the 74th Worldcon in Kansas City Missouri, the ICG made a special presentation, announcing its recognition of Myrtle R “Morojo” Douglas as the “Mother of Convention Costuming”  during the masquerade on August 19th, 2016. 

An article in the Sept-Oct 2016 issue of the ICG International Costumer newsletter describes how Morojo helped start the tradition of convention costuming by making “futuristicostumes” for both Forrest J Ackerman and herself that they wore to the first Worldcon in 1939. A special video produced for the presentation that explains how it all happened is available on the  ICG YouTube channel with closed captions in English, French, German, and Spanish (more to come).

Morojo’s recognition is also featured on a “Special Awards” page under “Awards” on the ICG website, along with the ICG’s previous recognition of Forrest J Ackerman as the “Father of Convention Costuming.” Also, see the announcement in the ICG-D Yahoo Group.

Special thanks to ICG Board member Bruce Mai for championing this long-overdue recognition for Morojo, and arranging to show the video at MidAmeriCon II.