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The ICG published Costumer’s Quarterly magazine in print from 1987 to 2001. We are pleased to make this valuable resource available once again to the costuming community in a digital facimilie edition.

To create this archive, print copies of CQ were scanned at 300dpi and converted to image PDF format. Then, OCR was performed using Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 to make issues fully searchable. Finally, complete indexes by issue and author were created to make the contents easily accessible. File sizes are around 5Mb each. More issue will be added as they are located, scanned and processed.

Special thanks to Kathe Gust for months of work locating and scanning issues, and indexing content, to create this amazing archive of costuming know-how and ICG history. Thanks also to Byron Connell and Pierre Pettinger for making personal copies of print issues available to scan.


  • Costume-Con is the selected spelling regardless of use on the article.
  • Worldcon is the selected spelling regardless of use on the article.
  • Costumer’s Quarterly has no article level links, you will be taken to the issue.
  • Not Indexed: most standard committee reports are not indexed by author.
  • Not Indexed: most artwork is not indexed.
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Adams, Bruce

Adams, Gail

Anderson, Janet Wilson

Animal X (aka Kris Fritsch)

Ashelford, Jane

Ashton, Lisa

Askaroff, Alex


Baker, Leslie

Ballis, Christopher E

Bass, Trystan L

Beech, Robert

Bergdahl, Stephen

Berry, Robin L

Best, Joyce

Bolster, Connie

Bowland, Linda

Bridges, Robert

Broneske, Joan

Buck, Dora


Capes, Eileen

Carlisle, Lilian Baker

Coling, Carl

Connell, Byron P

Connell, Tina

Cozzens, Danine

Crist-Pickett, Paula

Cunningham, Laurel


Dawe, Rusty

Day, Joy

Delaney, Betsy Marks

Devereaux, Cat

Dick, Karen

Dick, Ricky

Dodson, A.’Nea


Ellers, Marjii

Engleman, Laura

Evans, Fran (F.W.)


Farrell, Eleanor

Fatemi, Susan

Fuller, Dorthy


Gamble, James G., M.D., Ph.D.

Garvey, Don

Gilbert, Zelda

Giradeau, Denice E

Gould, Grace Margaret


Hallam, Marth Dean

Hannan, Catalina

Hartlove, Aimee

Hartlove, Jay

Hyll, Julia Ann


Jan, Robert

Jepson, Katherine

Jones Debora K.

Jordan, Alixandra Stephany


Keeler, Jana

Kennedy, Peggy

Kondo, Alison Woodfield

Kovalcin, Diane S

Kovalcin, James

Kruger, Darla W

Kuehl, Nancy

Kulinyi, Susan

Kyne, Michael F


Landry, Bridget

Lawrence, Victoria

Lay, Toni

Lazear, Angela

Leonard, Cynthia

Levine, Sheila

Lewis, Suford

Lightbody, Grace J.C


MacDermott, Bruce

MacDermott, Dana

Mai, Bruce

Mai, Nora

Mami, Carl

Mami, Elaine

Manton, May

Marks, Betsy

Matsui, Rodd

McClure, Kate

McMasters, Lynn

Meils, Joseph M

Mercier, Patti

Mercier, Philip

Monson, Shelly

Morgenstern, Kate

Morris, Jeff

Morrow, Zoe


Norregard, Julie

Norton, Sally


Parkinson, Lyn M

Pettinger, Pierre E

Pettinger, Sandy

Purcell, Wendy


Rayment, Philip

Raymond, Emmiline

Rebholz, Maura

Reynolds, Kathi S.

Richardson, Margaret

Richardson, Susanna

Ritter, Pat

Robinson, Ron

Roche, Kevin

Rose, Gordon


Sakers, Don

Salisbury, Deb

Shubnell, Kalyn

Solomon, Michelle Jaye


Spear, May Piper

Stevens, Beth

Stringer, Susan

Strub, Deborah K

Swope, Steve


Thompson, Flora McDonald

Toker, Susan L

Tracy, K

Trembley, Sharon

Turner, Brent

Turner, Karen

Turner, Kelly


Velazquez, Jolie


Welss, Karin

White, Gloria

White, Robert

Whitlock, Randall

Wilser, Marjorie

Wolfenden-Steib, Gail

Wykle, Debra L