2009 Annual Meeting


9:04 Nora Convened meeting

Roll Call:

Pierre, Karen, Nora, Bruce, Aurora – KCCG
Rob Himmelsbach, Michael Bruno – Denver
Michele Solomon – Chicago
Janice Dallas – Northern Lights
Betsy Delaney – SilWeb
Dora Buck – Sick Pups
Anne Hamilton -GCFCG
Henry Osier – Armed


Budget approval 2009 (attached – get from icg-d list)
Questions: Betsy – What is % of dues towards general and archives? Bruce – Roughly 1/4, but for household 1⁄4, 2$ per member, not a percentage.
Explanations from Bruce: Assume membership will decrease due to unreachable guilds SECS – still owe $2 and don’t have a treasurer Current Tally:
Armed – 20, 7 BRCG – 42 Chicago – 13 W. Penn – 0 Dallas – T-chapter Denver – 11
FFA – 10 Columbia – 22 Delaware Valley – 11 KC – 14 NJ/NY – 21 Northern Lights – 45 SilWeb – 40
SE – 7 SW – 17 SLouis – 36 Utah – 6
T-Chapter – 11
Average on monthly basis: 320, Now 316
((Rest on Report))

Nora – need to push publicity committee Anne Hamilton – need to publicize more to Anime Cons

T-Chapter 11 70 members are household members not head-of-household

Newsletter – if doesn’t happen budget is close to break even.
Expenses in groupings now Archives, General Business Expenses, Newsletter
Probably not need license and permit, but newsletter will probably not have as much income from advertising (maybe mentor editor to teach these items)
Newsletter Printing and reproduction – trying to reduce for budget concerns

Janice – How many issues in newsletter are represented? Bruce – 6, bi-monthly Betsy – was quarterly originally, then upped to bi-monthly Bruce – sent Cat current mailing list

Nora – supplies had a lag from California to Georgia, but all is straight now

Betsy – motion to accept budget as submitted Michele – second

Vote yay/nay – passed Budget to transfer to Janine in quickbooks 9:24 – BoD convene until end of general meeting

General Meeting

10:00 Nora called meeting to order
Validation of proxies Minutes of last meeting – online
Kevin Roche – Silweb move to not read
Byron Connel – Pups second
Aye/Nay – passed Reports from the board committee Jan Price – nothing to report

Bruce MacDermott – last year $2042, $88 gen funds donations, $4 archives, net $205 surplus Did not print 4 issues of newsletter, if we did we would be negative So far this year have printed 1 of expected 2, several chapters unsure of (deal with later in mtg)

Karen Heim – chapters fallen out have sent letters to treasurers and presidents, all returned to sender. Chapters will be/have been deactivated and moved to T-Chapter. Have templates for these letters in the future. Not a lot of incoming correspondence, none for membership.

RecSec – none, no report
Pierre – parliamentarian – no adjustment of standing rules, therefore no report

Pierre/Bruce – archives – International Costumers’ Gallery has over 10,000 images. Would like more participation from the public and ICG members. Have free accounts for people to upload with so archivists don’t need to do all the work. Got a generous donation from Ann Davenport and got lots of good old stuff from Rusty Dawe. Also got some good loans to fill in holes. Also need help on backing up to preserve items on media that won’t last long, and help identifying people in pictures. Had road show at Worldcon, will have one at F/SF here. Want more access to library for members, will have more road show and have more ideas for the future to bring more access to members and public. Next project is cross-referencing database to help retrospectives and other. Have a wishlist for members to donate and look for and contact information for people to contact. Also have a digital photo frame to cycle images and a facebook page YAY! to contact people.

Dawn – can do betamax?

Bruce – yes

Byron – have contact for Canadians and England Jill Eastlake Northern Lights – has memory books and list of names

Nora Mai – corporation still exists. Tax forms filed. Nothing much exciting. Started Archives and gallery, IRS stuff.
Chapter Fluctuation – Middle Tennessee deactivated. Western Pennsylvania is close, has had a strange contact. Dallas/Ft.Worth has decided to not be a chapter, remaining members are T- chapter. There are a group of Texas people interested in forming a chapter, need organization help.

Joanie Daschle – Philadelphia – Texas Chapter have an area location? Nora – Texas, around Dallas.

Nora – I iz dun. PeaceOut. Love my support, homies iz gud. Thank everyone for support.
Interpretive dance for thanks.

Byron Connel – sick pups – where is presidential chapeau?

Nora – has been archived, hermetically sealed in duct tape and cardboard due to extreme historical significance.

Rob is sad


Budget and Finance:

Bruce Mac Will stay on board after stepping down as Treasurer. Also noticed archives cost $660, income of $550, have reserve of $1000, received check from anonymous donator named Byron. Main budget concern is newsletter cost exceeds general funds income. Newsletter cost $1047.something. General funds $1400 income. Other general expenses are $226, including website and printing, bank fees. Must be better communication between treasurer, corr. Sec, and pending chapters that are slacking so they don’t slide away without knowing they are in danger. Put in a system of checks and balances for official reporting from chapters. Have treasurer email account now, have request for automatic forward of email.

Andy Trembly – SilWeb – have good email transfer and forwarding ideas to give

Bruce Mac – had 3 issues last year (correction from earlier), so newsletter costs $350 an issue

Betsy Delaney – ways to forward from gmail to other emails. Newsletter – not here, nothing to report

Fundraising – Elaine Mami – nothing happening for a while. Glitziana’s boutique has no real activity and Elaine would like to pass it on to someone who can take better care of it. Elaine is resigning, Nora offers to keep up CafePress. Kelly Lynch, SLUT, volunteered to help.

Guidelines – Andy Trembly – no activity and nothing to report

Archives online – Bruce Mai – no progress on ramifications of uploading copyrighted music as part of archive videos, looks bleak except stuff that has no music or non-copyrighted music.

Kevin – 60 seconds or less is generally allowed

Joanie Daschle – lunatic fringe – aren’t most entries less than 60 sec?

Nora – not always

Anne Davenport – SilWeb – can we consider doing snippets or halves?
T-Chapter – Jan Price – 11 members, none active. All from Dallas/Ft. Worth.
Lotsa explaning on what T-Chapter is and what their purpose is.

PR Committee – Karen Heim – issues with PR is that guild can only do national but works best as regional efforts, so individual guilds should advertise in their area.

Kevin Roche – SilWeb – would like to see more advertising in niche fandoms like furries, anime, worldcon because there are people that would like to know and there is not a standard answer in place to give them.

Karen/Nora – disagree, there is a flyer, but the flyer may not get to where it needs to go. Flyer is available on yahoo group. Flyer is not on website, probably could be.

Jill Eastlake, Northern Lights – ran Denver masquerade, would have printed flyers if they were offered, should be offered to Worldcon MCs.

Dana Mac, SilWeb – flyer on website needs to have current contacts, kept up to date at all times.

Joanie – is a motion needed? Decided no

Anne Davenport – SilWeb – aren’t awards sponsored the best advertisement?

Nora/Bruce – no general awards, left up to individual chapters?

Joanie – Why not advertise chapter awards and history of awards on ICG website?

Byron Connell – PR Committee should consider an ICG award with minimal cost. Carry on to online board meeting for what the award is and what venues are appropriate.

Anne Catelli – speaking for Deech – we can put up anything people write, so if you think something is needed write it.

Nora – so everyone pester Deech when you see him. Pester him constantly. Bruce Mai – point out that lots of good ideas, need people to implement them.

Website – not here yet. Have report. Please request if you need anything. How to request? Deech@ninjacow.com, webguy@costume.org or contact us on website with “Contact Us”

Old Business:


New Business:

Non-reporting Chapters:
Must implement connection between treasurer and rec. sec.

Betsy Delaney – 6 months without contact is too long. 3 months is much better. Would need to alter standing rules on this issue.

Byron Connell – need to ensure that reps are reporting online with the montly roll call.

Andy – parliamentarian read rule?

Pierre – Yes, reads rule.

Andy – do not need to change rule, can just add procedures for before rule comes in effect. Bruce – clarify that the issue is that reports need to go to Corr. Sec, not Treas.

Michele – official notifications have to be snail mail?

Nora – yes

Kevin – can we change to quarterly reports?

Bruce – no, we must have monthly reporting

Kevin – yes, but change to if we haven’t heard from in 3 months, then we contact and find out why.

Betsy – treasurer should receive checks monthly, so checking in with Treas and corr sec.

Bruce – no, right now corr. Sec is out of the loop. Cor. Sec. needs to take on original duty as membership coordinator.

Dana – have 2 early warning systems – 1st of month check in on ICG-D list, also treasurer check in to ICG treasurer. Must keep in touch between Corr Sec and Treasurer and then go to ICG- BoD to keep everyone informed.

Rob H. – can we just have treasurer forward monthly report to newsletter and corsec? Joanie Daschle – can we send emails to all board? Bruce – no, they won’t all pay attention

Joanie – then reporting must go to both treas and corr. Sec.

Kevin – does yahoo group have montly reminder?

Julie – northern lights – can we put rep on chapter lists to keep up with whether or not they die?

Bruce – need better reporting on who BoD rep is from chapters? How do BoD reps get onto email list?

Jan Price – can we make monthly report submitted by BoD rep as part of monthly check in? Nora – needs to be Treasurer?

Jan – Board Rep should be able to status board on Treasurer’s report as well as other information. Should better determine what “representing a chater” means.

Karen – chapters need better reporting on who chapter reps are to corr sec and web guy.

Dana – need to add in to bylaws and/or standing rules a job description of Chapter Rep’s responsibilities.

Kevin – need to follow bylaws and existing procedures accurately to solve problem.

Nora – need to more clearly define procedures and terms. Will go to online board for discussion and action.
Agree to table to move to online.

Andy – can we read standing rules?

Pierre – yes, reads them.

Andy – doesn’t specify how many issues or how distributed, so could be addressed by newsletter editorial board revise publications guidelines.

Kevin Roche – SilWeb – move to refer question of publication and how to do it economically back to the newsletter editorial board

Bruce Mai – SLUT – second

Dawn McKechnie – Northern Lights – newsletter doesn’t make it to Canada in one piece or at all. Would like to look into electronic version of newsletter with opt-in or opt-out for members. Would be more accessible to new fandoms. Allows better availability to translate newsletter into other languages for better international reach.

Betsy – who is on newsletter board?

Nora – Cat and Nora. Will be Rob and Janine and Cat after meeting. One optional – Carol Parker. Dawn should be on it.

Dana volunteers. Dawn voluntold.

Nora – if I’m paying for a newsletter why don’t I get them? ((rhetorical question))

Joanie – should look into what must be, by law, notified in writing by post mail. Joanie volunteers.

Dana – can we amend movement to move discussion to a committee that includes but is not limited to editorial board?

Ron Dallas – northern lights – what is committee to contact Editorial board?

Nora – none

Pierre – technical problem that can be addressed later (probably by webguy) – not germane to Kevin’s motion.

Kevin – restate motion – I move that we refer the question of the correct publication procedure of the ICG newsletter to the editorial board via the mechanisms that are already established or may be established.

Jim – call to question

Pierre – ignore call, must vote

Nora – yay/nay – Joanie nay due to rush to judgment, passed

Kevin – SilWeb – move to direct webmaster to set up a forward to the ICG newsletter editorial board.

Nora – cat, rob, Janine, carol parker, dawn, dana,

Joanie Henry Osier – Armed CG – second Kelly, Anne Davenport – please send all comments to the editorial board Michele – how will we solicit opinions of the membership?

Pierre – membership has input through this motion, editorial board will format a plan, then propose to BoD, and BoD will deal with it at that time.

Ann Catelli – has a mechanism and wishes to be contacted concerning it afterward.

Nora – aye/nay – 1 abstention – passed

Dana – who will tell editor

Nora – President

Andy – point out that any issues with the dealing of this issue can be directed to President to talk to editorial board

David Kennelman – ACG – should be announced in newsletter for people who don’t go to website

Betsy – agreed
Nora – finished with newsletter

Officer Nominations (self-nominated):

President: Rob Himmelsbach
VP: Ann Catelli
Cor. Sec.: Kelly Lynch
Rec. Sec.: Aurora Celeste
Treasurer: Jeanine Swicke

Rob – I am computer illiterate, do not belong to any lists except BoD list, will answer emails if people clearly identify themselves, will be open-minded about internetz suffz.

Nora – call for nominations from the floor None-

Joni Dashoff – Lunatic Fringe Delaware Valley – move to accept by acclimation Betsy Marks Delaney –

SilWeb – second

Nora – aye/nay – passed Thanks to outgoing officers for their hard work

Kevin Roche – SilWeb – moves to adjurn

Everyone – seconded

Nora adjurns 11:54 am EDT


Nora – must confirm all actions of general meeting
Jan – move to accept all business and elections of general meeting Bruce second
Nora – aye/nay – passed
Michele Solomon – motion to adjurn Ann Catelli – second
Nora – aye/nay – passed Adjurn 11:56 am EDT