2007 President’s Awards

Presidential Awards for 2007

There are literally dozens of people who keep the International Costumers’ Guild running, all of whom have my admiration & greatest thanks. But every year the President is allowed to choose a few who have performed under great duress or achieved specific superior goals in aid of the ICG.

This year I have four gentlemen that I’d like to recognize for very specific reasons:


Jeff Morris & John O’Halloran for their successful migration of the website from its previous host. The transition was relatively smooth with little interruption of service; those of you who regularly update sites or even just surf the web know how valuable that is.


In addition, while many of you may not be aware of it, Jeff has added Gallery & Forum modules to the website this year & anticipates more innovations in the future. The future of our Archives lies in these Galleries, still largely untested but it will be an important feature very soon.

And I can’t thank John enough for everything he’s done for the website over the years. I just hope he knows how much we appreciate his efforts.


Byron Connell has always been one of the biggest supporters of the ICG. Even after leaving the office of President, he continues to serve in many ways. This year particularly he was instrumental in helping us to get moving on resolving our IRS issues by researching certain basic requirements & composing some of our initial proposals.


And when we succeed in these efforts, it will be in no small part due also to Bruce MacDermott. He contacted the proper offices to determine our best course of action & gathered the facts for the Board to evaluate. And he did this knowing that all of his efforts would actually make more work for him rather than less. But it will certainly be beneficial for the ICG.