2005 Annual Minutes

Minutes – International Costumers’ Guild,  April 29, 2005

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM in the Ogden, Utah Marriott.

Present at the BOD meeting were the ICG President, Carl Mami; the ICG Treasurer, Dora Buck, the Recording Secretary, Dana MacDermott; the Corresponding secretary Sandy Pettinger; the Parliamentarian, Pierre Pettinger, and representatives of the following Guild Chapters: Chicagoland Costumers’ Guild (Michele Jaye Solomon), Costumer’s Guild West (Darla Kruger);  Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild (Kendra Van Cleve); NY/NJ Costumers’ Guild (Byron Connell) ; St. Louis Costumers Guild (Karen Heim), Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild (Bruce MacDermott), Southwest Costumers Guild (Frances Burns); Utah Costumers Guild (Charles Galway).

Not represented at this time were Northern Lights Costumers Guild, Beyond Reality Costumers Guild, Greater Colombia Fantasy Costumer’s Guild, Inc., and Greater Delaware Valley Costumers’ Society.

Carl Mami (Pres.):

Two issues that we need to cover in the General meeting are the Guidelines committee report, which is not ready, and the question brought up on the D list about the status with the Federal Government on the 501 (c) 3.

Two calls to the IRS gave us conflicting answers.  Since then, it has been reported that someone called the IRS to inquire if a donation would be given tax credit and the response was that it would.  We have been given a suggestion by a “favorite tax person” on action we can take at this time.

Once the BOD is active on line, we will discuss how we can make sure that we do not come close to having an accident again.

Byron Connell (NY/NJ): Who should be getting the proxies?

Carl Mami (Pres.): There is a small problem today with proxies.  They will be on the honor system because going through the airport the floppy with membership information was killed when Dora’s purse went through security.  CD’s would not have this problem.

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis): Everyone will sign in when they arrive, and we will check the lists if there are any close votes.

Brief discussion on homeland security.

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis): After this we should send copies to a few BOD members to bring so we have back ups.

Carl Mami (Pres.):

All of the Chapters in good standing have reported and sent checks before the meeting.

Darla Kruger (CGW): Thank you Dora.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW): The household membership committee has a report as well.

Carl Mami (Pres.): That issue will be brought up as well.  Discussion will be limited to one half hour after we hear what the Committee presents.  In the past, discussions have gone on even after we have resolved issues.


Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis) : We can call a temporary recess or just let it run (into the General Meeting).

Carl Mami (Pres.): We will call a temporary recess and open the door for the General Meeting.

Recess called.


The General Meeting of the International Costumers’ Guild was called to order at 9:39 AM.

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis):  Due to a problem with the membership list and airport security, we do need everyone to sign in.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW):  With your name and Chapter.

Carl Mami (President): It has been determined we have a quorum.  First order is the approval of the minutes of the 2004 annual meeting.

Approval moved by Bruce MacDermott (SiW)

Seconded by Byron Connell (NY/NJ)

Minutes approved




Carl Mami (Pres.): This has been quite a year.

In the last few days we got a surprise that we might have a question about our exempt status.  We have gone to the IRS ( and gotten conflicting reports) and a couple of other sources.  It has turned out that we still have our status.  We will not have a lengthy discussion today, and will give the BOD an opportunity to discuss and come up with a plan of action to prevent this kind of thing from happening again in the future.

Next:   Earlier this year we had a problem with our papers of incorporation.  I want to thank Betsy Delaney, we were able to see the problem and stop what could have been a major problem.  It seems that in places the state of Maryland if they feel they have not heard from you in a while, or don’t think you have filed the paper work they remove you and send you paperwork saying you need to pay $100 to be reinstated.  Since they don’t charge us otherwise, it has worked out to be about $33 dollars every time they do this.

When I found out about it, I found out it had happened several times in the past, I asked what proof we had to have to show we complied, so they wouldn’t penalize us besides.  They told us we had to file back forms.  We found the back forms and shipped them to them.  In a few weeks we were told that the forms were good, but we had no proof we had sent them to them (Maryland).

Fortunately, Sharon Trembley, the previous Treasurer had sent them certified with return receipt requested.  They accepted the return receipt request as proof we had filed.  We now send all of our stuff certified, return receipt requested.  We also have a copy of our papers of incorporation.

The question came up whether the letters of incorporation would cause us problems with the IRS.  The IRS’ stand is that we can move our corporation anywhere we want, as long as when we file, we are incorporated someplace.

We have set up a check and counter check so we do not have this again. Again, I want to thank Betsy because of her quick action we were able to forestall a $300 penalty.

Next, Presidential awards.  My predecessor Darla set up a Presidential award, and I have continued it, and will do so this year.  But I recognize there are some people who work all the time very hard for the ICG.  This year in the official records I want to mention certain names so that everybody will know they worked tirelessly and very veryhard, even though sometimes we don’t notice it.

Betsy Delaney is one; Jeff Morris is another; our recording secretary (Dana MacDermott) who takes care of a whole lot of stuff, our Treasurer (Dora Buck), and people who supply a whole lot of support, not the least of which are Byron Connell, and Darla Kruger who along with Pierre (Pettinger), whenever I have a problem or a complaint or just get confused seem to be able to get me back on track.  And I’m not going to leave out Bruce (MacDermott) over here who gives me a wake up call when I need one.

I am mentioning them all so they are here in the official record.  They do the grunt work that makes everything come together. They deserve to be recognized.

Other than that we had a very easy year.  (Laughter.)  I was only yelled at 15 times, and some of them were really my fault.

The Vice President is not here, but she said, “Ditto.”

Byron Connell (NY/NJ): The President is not wearing his Chapeau.

Miscellaneous presidential hat mishugas, including identification of new ornament (which served 9 months in Iraq) from Carl’s son.  


Treasurers report:

Dora Buck (Treasurer, NY/NJ):  We made money this year; or rather we have a surplus.  As of Wednesday night (April 27) I got the last report from a Treasurer, and all the active guilds have checked in.  Other than that we are squared away with the IRS, thanks to Betsy.  I do not have my records with me because the floppy was trashed, but the records are at home, but I will be sending them out to the chapter Presidents.  I do have a print out of the banking balance. As of January 1, we had $5,880.94.  As of now in the checking account, we have $6,921.62.

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis):  We have the sign in sheet so we can have a record of who’s here and who’s voting.  We can compare it to the membership list after the fact.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dora Buck (Treasurer, NY/NJ):   Behind the bank balance are two pages showing the Archives and Newsletter.  Besides those expenses are for the web site, banking fee….

Betsy Delaney (Newsletter editor, SiW):   The next Newsletter will be out the beginning of June.  It should be somewhere between $300 and $500, but don’t quote me.



Corresponding Secretary Report

Sandy Pettinger (Corresponding Secretary, St. Louis):  I have handled 20-30 emails asking for information on how to do something, or asking for someone to make things.  I forward these to the ICG-D list or the Historical Costume list.   There have been many asking, “How do I join the guild?”

I have been searching the website and there is absolutely nowhere that says how an individual joins the ICG.   I am going to summarize the answers and send it to the Web Guy to post because it is nowhere on the site now.

Carl Mami (Pres.): Basically it has to say find a chapter and join them.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW):   We need a blurb from each chapter.  That is an action item for the BOD.

Carole Parker (SiW): I’m a tech writer and I’ll volunteer to help with that.


Recording Secretary report

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW):

I backed up Jeff in keeping vote tallies.  I got the minutes out in two forms, one a synopsis of measures passed and action items went to the BOD on April 6, 2004, and the full version went to Jeff and Carl and the Newsletter editor n April 28, 2004.  This year may not be quite as fast.


Newsletter editor

Betsy Delaney (Newsletter editor, SiW):

We have been pretty much on schedule. There will be four more issues this year; June August, October and December.  There is an automatic deadline reminder that goes out each month on the BOD list.  Next year the issues will be February, April, June August, October and December at the beginning of the month.

We have a non-profit mailing permit out of the southern Maryland post office in Capitol Heights.  We did our first bulk mailing permit mailing this last issue.  We got back about a dozen address changes that the chapters didn’t notify us about.  That costs $.70.

The publication has increased from going out to about 500 to about 800 in the last year, largely because the chapters are their reports in.  I appreciate the timely information from the Treasurers.

The permit will cost about $150/year, and we can set up ancillary post offices which doesn’t cost us any more than getting the permit  itself.

The next issue will have a report of this meeting, and a report on Costume-Con.

Classified ads are free for ICG members.  I am looking for content.  The Newsletter is black and white.  Maybe we will do color someday.

Denisen Hartlove one of my editorial board members will take over the editor job maybe next year in February.  We need to discuss this with the board.

Michele Solomon (Chicagoland):  If we want to submit something in color by supplying all the 800 copies you will need could this be done?

Betsy Delaney (Newsletter editor, SiW):  We can send up to 3.3 oz under the new rate.  This is an incredibly good idea.  We do have a limit on advertising because of the non-profit status, and it cannot have political content.  Otherwise, I am happy to take that.


Archives report

Carl Mami (Pres.):

The first set of 22 Costume-Cons is in the can on DVD, and we will be looking to improve the quality since some are 2nd or 3rd generation. Sound is in the worst shape.

I have started on World Con, hoping for 25 years on DVD by next year.  There are three photo collections on our way to having them on CD or DVD.  We have 180 different conventions represented.

The actual photos are being transferred to the Pettingers’ house because of storage problems.

There is still money in the fund.

Carole Parker (SiW) Are there plans to sell the DVD’s?

Carl Mami (Pres.):

There are problems.  Not all the videos were done by me, and we are trying to get releases from the people who actually videotaped them.  We are trying to place (not official) copyrights on them.

There is a set going to the Pettingers’ house after the Con.  There will be a set on its way to California and a set to Maryland.  CGW will have the California set, and Marty Gear will have the Maryland set.

Karen Dick will have a set as well, not counted as a Satellite site.

Darla Kruger (CGW):

Not my area of expertise, but I have questions about the ICG selling the DVD’s as a fundraiser.  There are legal questions about the ownership of the tapes.  The tapes are not of ICG conferences.

Carl Mami (Pres.): It was explained to me by the IRS and the union (I forget what that is called) of people who do videotaping, is that I can sell to a member of the ICG if there is no profit, if it is for educational purposes.

Darla Kruger (CGW):  You need not a Union or the IRS, but a copyright lawyer to clarify this.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW):  There is an intellectual properties lawyer who has a membership at the Con; I don’t know if she is here, though.  Alys Hay.  We need to put Carl in touch with her.

Unidentified Comments: Complicated issues, both showing in a public forum and selling.

Carl Mami (Pres.): The current archives stance is that the recordings are available at the Archives and at the satellite sites. There are two exceptions; when an individual guild member or a chapter requests a specific clip, the standing method is that they make a donation of X dollars to the ICG Archives which covers twice the price of the disc and the postage, then we will sell it to them.  And we sell at the event.


Parliamentarian’s report

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis):

One of the things I do is to field questions, e.g. how do I do something.  I take no position as parliamentarian.  I will tell you how to approach something even if I think it is incredibly stupid.

If you ask me individually, I will tell you.  Do not hesitate to contact me, I will acknowledge it and get back to you.


Web Master’s report:

Carl Mami (Pres.): Jeff is not here.  He has been working hard, and there should be something new on the website when you get home.

Old Business:

The Guidelines committee report:

Andy Trembley (GBACG) Co-chair

The final revision has been delayed and is not ready today.  It will be presented to the board for action at a later date.  Soon.  We got not a large number of comments on the first revision, but they were substantial.  The second revision got a few comments, but they were very significant, which is part of the reason they were delayed. Betsy and I have records of all the comments.


The Household Membership committee report:

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW):

The committee was constituted in July of 2004 in order to explore the issues surrounding the possibility of the ICG offering a household membership category, and to make recommendations based on our findings.

The committee consisted of Nora Mai, ICG VP, Dana MacDermott, ICG Recording Secretary, and Sue Smith, Treasurer of the Northern Lights Chapter of the ICG.  Participating in the discussion were also Carl Mami, ICG President, Betsy Delaney, Newsletter editor, with technical input from Pierre Pettinger, ICG Parliamentarian.

The committee examined the definitions of household membership, and the costs and benefits of the proposed membership category.

In short, the household membership category would be offered as an option if there is an individual member at the same address.  The household member would have all the rights of an individual member.  The only difference would be that the additional member or members at the single address would not receive an individual copy of the ICG Newsletter.  Instead the household would receive one copy of the Newsletter.

There were specific issues we addressed.

  1. Financial impact:

Because the costs to the ICG per member are largely the mailing and duplication costs of the Newsletter, lowering the membership charge for additional persons without incurring additional Newsletter costs would result in a net financial gain for the ICG and a lowered cost for the household members.  In short a win-win financial situation.

Calculating on the basis of the membership fee of $6 per individual member, and $3 per household member, the ICG would experience a net gain in income of $1 per household member.

  1. Role of the Chapters:

The household membership category makes a minimal increase in the reporting requirements of membership by chapters to the ICG by chapter Treasurers.  The household membership category is an option.  If the chapter does not wish to incur the additional book keeping, the chapter may choose not to offer the option.

  1. Impact other than financial:

The Committee believes that the lower household membership cost will increase the membership of the ICG, and bring in additional funds not dedicated to meeting costs.  This would help to offer the possibility of expanding the ICG activities.


The committee recommends that the ICG adopt a household membership category, with the additional member(s) at a single mailing address being charged $3 for their membership.

Technical changes required to implement the household membership:

Move: Change Standing Rule 3 to read:

3) The ICG shall offer two types of memberships:  Individual (for a single member) and Household (for each additional legal resident residing at the same address as an Individual member). Household members do not receive publications, but are entitled to vote on all ICG business. Members may opt to join at the Household rate only after one member of the household has joined at the Individual rate. Household memberships expire at the same time as the qualifying Individual membership at the same address.

Add new Standing Rule 4 to read:

4)      Dues for the Corporation shall be set at $6.00 [U.S.] per Individual member per year, and $3.00 per Household member per year.

Renumber all subsequent Standing Rules 5 to 25 as 6 to 26

Add to Standing Rule 22 (old rule 21) the word “Individual” before Membership and change “Membership” to “membership”


Carl Mami (Pres.): I will open the floor for discussion for 30 minutes, 2 minutes per person.

Motion:  Bruce MacDermott (SiW) Move to the floor

Second: Byron Connell (NY/NJ)


Darla Kruger (CGW): I don’t support $3.  In the CGW there are households where they already are getting the Newsletter.  I think it should be a nominal fee.  We could support $2.  Can’t take this back to my membership.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW): This is a different issue than the one we discussed.  We considered the situation where the existing memberships were two in a household.  What Darla is talking about changes the complexion of the situation entirely.  This is a very valid point.

Darla Kruger (CGW): I counted out 45 households.

Andy Trembley (GBACG): This is an option.  If they do not care about giving their household members voting rights, they do not have to do it.

Byron Connell (NY/NJ): Pt of information.  Please read the motion again.

Kevin Roche (GBACG):  From the wording, I would assume that there was a $1 profit to the ICG.

Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW): This analysis was based on the scenario of two people in a household who both have current memberships.  Darla’s issue is different.  It is where there are household members who are not members of the ICG.

Darla Kruger (CGW):  Why were there no members on the committee from the two largest chapters?

Carl Mami (Pres.): we asked for volunteers.

Jana Keeler (GBACG):  We are set up that when you become a member, you become a member of the ICG.            This would be a good marketing tool.  We may be able to increase our membership as well.  $3 is good.

Betsy Delaney (Newsletter editor, SiW): We are currently not sending the extra Newsletter where we have received permission from the Treasurer.

Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis): This is acceptable legally.  Morally and ethically, probably we should send one.

Michele Jaye Solomon (Chicagoland):  We had no problem with the change in rate last year.  We changed our dues structure to $20/ member and $10/ household membership.

Byron Connell (NY/NJ):  I haven’t heard any discussion about the concept of household membership.  The only issue we are addressing is how much to charge.

Jwlhyfer deWinter (GBACG): Our members may not be as familiar with the ICG and see the benefits.  It will be a lot easier to sell the membership.

Kevin Roche (GBACG): I think as currently proposed it is a marketing disaster.  I think Darla’s point is right.  I would offer that the household membership price should be pegged to the individual membership price so that the surplus is the same.

Move: Betsy Delaney (Newsletter ed., SiW): the fee be reduced to $2.

Second Kevin Roche (GBACG)

Betsy Delaney (Newsletter ed., SiW): The $3 could be used to allow the ICG to do more, but since the chapter that really needs this is not happy with the amount, it seems pretty stupid to keep the rate at that level.  At a later date, if we choose to add additional benefits, such as scholarships or money for projects, we can increase that membership as appropriate.


Frances Burns (SWCG): Call the question.


Second: Darla Kruger (CGW)


Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis): You are now going to vote on whether to vote (now) on Betsy’s motion.  If you vote no, you are voting to continue the discussion.


Affirmed by voice vote


Vote on Betsy’s amendment


Hand vote: Yes : 28, No: 0; abstain: 0


Total:  Yes:193, No: 0, abstain:0


Pierre Pettinger (Parliamentarian, St. Louis):  friendly amendment, change in Standing rules being renumbered.


Darla Kruger (CGW):  From our members only, the ICG should gain 45 new members.


Frances Burns (SWCG) Call the question.

Second: Bruce MacDermott (SiW)


Voice vote approved (Proxies also)


With amendments and corrections, the motion reads:



Change Standing Rule 3 to read:


3) The ICG shall offer two types of memberships; Individual (for a single member) and Household (for each additional legal resident residing at the same address as an individual member). Household members do not receive publications, but are entitled to vote on al lCG business. Members may opt to join at the Household only if and when one member of the Household joins at the individual rate. All memberships from a Household may be accepted at the same time. Household memberships expire at the same time as the qualifying individual memberships at the same address.


Add new Standing Rule 4 to read:


4) Dues for the Corporation shall be set at $6.00 [U.S.] per Individual member per year, and $2.00 per Household member per year.


Renumber all subsequent Standing Rules 4 to 25 as 5 to 26.


Add to Standing Rule 22 (old rule 21) the word “Individual” before Memberships and change “Membership” to “membership”


Voice vote on Motion: Yes: 28, No:0  Abstentions :0

Proxies cast

Total:  Yes:193, No: 0, abstain:0


Motion passed.


New Business

There is no new business


Election slate submitted:


President: Carl Mami

Vice President: Nora Mai

Treasurer: Dora Buck

Corresponding Secretary: Sandy Pettinger

Recording Secretary: Dana MacDermott


Move to accept the slate: Karen Heim (St Louis)

Second:  Michele Jaye Solomon (Chicago)


Voice vote (including proxies): affirm with two abstentions

Move to adjourn: Kendra Van Cleave (GBACG)

Second: Darla Kruger (CGW)


Voice approval


ICG General Meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM



BOD Meeting called in from recess

Ann Catelli (Northern Lights) joined the earlier group, and Dave Doering (Utah) who came in at the end replacing Charles Galway, who did not stay for this part of the meeting.

Discussion: the membership rate change is instituted now with new members and renewals.

Moved to ratify the business of the general meeting: Bruce MacDermott (SiW)

Second: Frances Burns (SWCG)


No discussion

Vote:   yes:12, No:0, Abstain:0



Dana MacDermott (recording secretary, SiW): Does the old committee for memberships continue with the question of multi-chapter memberships?

Carl Mami (Pres.): No, I want a new committee.

Volunteers requested


On the multi-chapter membership committee:

Bruce MacDermott (SiW)

Michele Jaye Solomon (Chicagoland, SiW)

Byron Connell (NY/NJ)

Dora Buck (ICG Treasurer)

Ann Catelli (Northern Lights), who will act as moderator and run the list


All messages will also be received by Pierre Pettinger and Carl Mami

The committee is to report back to the ICG BOD in six months. (October 29, 2005)


Move to adjourn: Dora Buck (Treasurer)

Second: Darla Kruger (CGW)


Meeting adjourned 11:30 AM