1998 Annual Minutes


Minutes of the International Costumers’ Guild Annual General Meeting, April 6, 1998, as corrected and approved by the members.



The meeting was called to order by Zelda Gilbert, Corresponding Secretary, acting for absent President, Joy Day. The agenda was distributed. The count of ICG members present was 36.

Chapter roll call (representatives present):

  • Australian Costumers’ Guild
  • Costumers’ Guild West
  • Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers’ Guild
  • Lunatic Phrynge (Greater Philadelphia Costumers’ Guild)
  • New York/New Jersey Costumers’ Guild
  • Rocky Mountain Costumers’ Guild
  • South Bay Costumers’ Guild
  • Southwest Costumers’ Guild
  • St. Louis Costumers’ Guild
  • Western Canadian Costumers’ Guild


Count of proxies administered: 63 proxies, total. Combined with attending members, count was 99 members; quorum was achieved.


Motion to approve 1997 minutes by Ken Warren, seconded by Carl Mami, approved unanimously.


  • New Chapters and reinstatement of formerly inactive New England Costumers’ Guild as Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild. They carried 14 proxies, with two members present. Total of 115 members represented.Motion to accept Northern Lights Chapter made by Jess Miller (CGW), seconded by Byron Connell (Sick Pups). Approved unanimously.
  • Chicagoland Costumers’ Guild (also known as Chicago Mob or Chicago Outfit), paperwork had been submitted to Joy Day. Currently have 29 members, three present. Total of 118 members represented.Motion to accept Chicagoland Costumers’ Guild Chapter made by Rob Himmelsbach (Lunatic Phrynge), seconded by John O’Halloran (South Bay). Approved unanimously.


  • RECORDING SECRETARY — Katherine Jepson: Minutes submitted to The Costumer’s Quarterly and distributed to chapter presidents. Some were not received, so additional copies will be supplied. Carl Mami requested copy for the Archives. Plea for more information from chapters generally.
  • WEBMASTER — John O’Halloran: The webmaster has created two mailing lists on e-mail for the ICG: one for the general membership, icg-l@lists.best.com, and one for the officers of the ICG and chapter officers as well, icg-officers@lists.best.com. The ICG website, ICG@costume.org, is receiving about 1,000 hits per month.
  • CORRESPONDING SECRETARY — Zelda Gilbert: There have been many requests for information about the Guild.
  • ARCHIVIST — Carl Mami: The Archives have grown somewhat, but not as much as he would wish. Only two submissions from non-Sick Pup members. Plea for submissions of negatives, slides, or photos. He has six CD ROMs full, but they represent primarily Eastern costumers and costume events. Pat Kennedy’s collection going back to 1972, and Bjo Trimble’s collection going back to the 1950s is forthcoming. All CostumeAPAs are now included.
  • COSTUMER’S QUARTERLY EDITOR — submitted by Sally Norton, read by Zelda Gilbert: Production declined over summer due to lack of funds for printing and declining health of editor. 3/97 issue was sent in February 1998, 4/97 issue will be out shortly; 1/98 issue projected publication by the end of April. Sally tenders her resignation as editor due to ill health. Printing and mailing systems are organised and can continue.


  • TABLED VINTAGE CLOTHING RESOLUTION: Motion to remove resolution from the table — made by Carl Mami, seconded by Steve Swope. Carried. Motion opened for discussion. On behalf of the CGW, Jess Miller moved that the motion be withdrawn. Darla Kruger seconded. Motion withdrawn.


  • THE COSTUMER’S QUARTERLY: Bruce Mai commented that their chapter (St. Louis) is still not getting their Quarterlies, and that communication is bad, generally. Discussion followed. Carl Mami suggested that the Archives take one issue per year to cover events, and would be willing to take on all but the production end of the Quarterly, generally. Byron Connell will appoint an editor within 30 days, and guarantees publication within 90 days of appointment. Discussion followed.
  • NOREASCON VIDEOTAPE: Ken Warren of the Lunatic Phrynge reported that a group called the Massachusetts Convention Fandom Incorporated (ran last Noreascon) produced a video of the Noreascon III masquerade that is being distributed through the Science Fiction Book Club, and that it probably violates the waiver of release signed by masquerade participants. ICG is requested to look at the situation and decide whether action should be taken. Money generated by sales of this videotape support this group’s Worldcon bid. The group (MCFI) is also known to be costumer-unfriendly. Does the ICG object, approve or have any opinion about this situation? Point of Information — Janice Dallas, Sick Pups/CGW is a member of the SF Book Club, and was unable to obtain a copy of the tape; obviously limited supply ran out quickly. Discussion followed. Darla Kruger (CGW) will find a legal opinion (not legal advice in a formal sense) on the current or rewritten release as used on masquerade forms.Motion by Ken Warren that the incoming directors appoint a committee to look into the issue and make a recommendation for how the ICG will handle such situations in the future; seconded by Carl Mami. Carried unanimously.


  • The Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers’ Guild has adopted the new nickname: “The Founders.”
  • Rocky Mountain Costumers’ Guild has a new mailing address:

    c/o Mary Denise Smith
    4500 – 19th Street, #298
    Boulder, CO 80304-0619

  • It was suggested that, since several chapters have new addresses, a new edition of the ICG flyer is required. Zelda will organise it.



  • Byron Connell — President
  • Ken Warren — Vice-President
  • Jana Keeler — Treasurer
  • Steve Swope — Recording Secretary
  • Zelda Gilbert — Corresponding Secretary

Motion to close nominations for officers made by Carl Mami, seconded by Jess Miller, carried unanimously. Motion to recognise the entire slate of proposed officers made by Rebecca Brown, seconded by Bruce Mai. Carried with one abstention.

Motion to adjourn made, seconded, and carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Katherine Jepson
Recording Secretary