formal picture of eric cannon and sue kulinyi

The 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

At halftime for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade at Costume-Con 35 on Saturday evening, April 22nd, I performed my final and happiest duty as ICG President by presenting six President’s Awards and the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The President’s Award is presented at the discretion of the ICG President to recognize extraordinary service to the International Costumers’ Guild. It was first awarded in 2003. It has been my privilege to recognize the contributions of dedicated members every year since 2013, at the end of my first year as President. See the ICG website for a list of past recipients.

This year’s ICG President’s Awards go to:

Vicky Assarattanakul: “For her leadership as Chair of the Publications Committee in the formation of the ICG Press”

Tonya Adolfson: “For contributing her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry to the formation of the ICG Press”

Jacalyn Stanley: “For using her web design skills to re-architect  and re-implement the ICG’s website using a modern, mobile-friendly web platform”

Merrily Wolf: “For her great assistance in re-implementing the ICG’s new website by laboriously proof-reading and correcting every page”

Pierre Pettinger: “In appreciation of his years of service as Parliamentarian to the ICG Board of Directors”

Andrew Assarattanakul: “In appreciation of his service in publishing the online edition of the International Costumer newsletter, and sending member notifications and membership cards”

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the International Costumers’ Guild’s highest honor. It was first presented in 1990. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a body of achievement in the costuming art and service to the costuming community.

It was my honor to present the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the ICG to Eric Cannon and Sue Kulinyi.

Eric and Sue are well known videographers who have made it their mission to make costumers look good onstage for future generations to view. They are also active in procuring old videos of past convention masquerades, preserving this footage, and making it available to help preserve the history of our craft.

The major contributions that Eric and Sue have made to the costuming community and the continuation of the art form are worthy of the ICG’s recognition and thanks. See their full citation on the ICG website.

Please join me in congratulating all of this year’s award recipients.

Philip Gust
Outgoing President
International Costumers' Guild