CostumeCon 21 has ended, and new slate of ICG officers has taken office (see below). Congratulations to each and every one of them, and a heartfelt thanks to those who served the Guild during the past year.

The ICG is pleased to announce that the 2003 Lifetime Achivement Award has been given to Victoria Ridenour and Adrian Butterfield. A photo has been added in their honor to the Lifetime Achievement Award page, but if anyone has a photo they feel is better suited to the page, please contact the Web Guy.

Here are a few links to photos taken at CC21:

Special thanks to Mary Alice for providing the links. If you’ve got photos up and want to share them with everyone, contact the Webguy and give him the links.

The 2003 budget for the ICG has been finalized and can be found in the financial statements section. You can view how the chapters voted on the issues by clicking here.

The ICG Survey Results can be found by clicking here.