Events and Activities Idea Bank


Here are some ideas for events and activities to increase interest on the part of members and non-members. You will want to choose ones based on the interests of your target group(s) and what is available to you in the way of local venues. These suggestions are just to help get your creativity sparked.

"Goes to" / "Meet up" events

Themed Picnics

Venue based events

Informal Meetings

These have a number of names - Salons, Stitch 'n' Bitch sessions, etc. Basically you work on / help others with costumes for upcoming events


Invite a local "expert" to come and teach. Popular topics might be:


Have members with special interests researc and give a talk or lecture on a topic of interest. Note: These can work even for chapters whose members live further apart or for SIGs whose members can live anywhere using a conferencing tool like Google Hangouts On-Air or Mix it up by combining a in-person event with an online event if you have many local members and some remote members.



Costume Photo Booth: At public events, set up a photo booth where people can have their pictures taken, then email the pictures to them. Provide simple costume pieces (e.g. hats), props, and signs that people can use in their photos. One iPad based app that makes this easy is IncrediBooth.

Community Outreach

It’s easy for chapters to put on events just for members, but it’s also important to plan activities that involve their communities, too. It’s not only a way make a difference locally, but also a great way for the community to learn about costuming and all the other things that your chapter does. Here are a few ideas:

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