Awarded Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Grants

This page presents details of grants awarded to ICG members by the Marty Gear Costuming Arts and Sciences Fund.

Lisa Ashton Lisa Ashton

December 31, 2014. the Fund approved Lisa Ashton’s application on behalf of Miss Lizzy’s Traveling Historical Fashion Show for a grant to support the Show’s efforts to increase knowledge of the clothing of the Victorian and early 20th century periods as well as better understanding of their culture and mores, politics, and daily life.. Ms. Ashton is the Show’s founder and curator.

The grant, for $656, will enable Ms.Ashton to participate in the spring 2015 Civilian Symposium: Mid-19th Century Clothing and Culture, in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area. This will help the Traveling Show to enhance its display of vintage photographs and clothing. As a result, Ms. Ashton will provide docent-led tours of the collection and other educational programming at Costume-Con 33, in Charleston, South Carolina, in May 2015. She also will prepare articles about the collection enhanced by her participation in the Symposium, as well as articles resulting from that participation, for ICG-related journals.

Richard Man Richard Man

April 5 2015. The Fund approved Richard Man’s application for a grant to support his Transformations: CosplayPortraiture Project . In this project, Mr. Man will examine "how costumers/cosplayers transform themselves from their ‘mundane' daily appearance to temporarily ‘become' the characters they portray.”

Mr. Man sees the purpose of Transformations Cosplay as to "raise the awareness of and respect for costumers and our costuming arts and techniques; not just within the SF&F communities, but also in the general public and the greater art community as a whole. Additionally, this provides opportunities to promote awareness of the existence and history of costumer organizations such as the ICG and its various chapters.

"The juxtaposition of the costumers both in costume and also in their 'regular lives' (in regular clothes, often with some representation of their daily jobs) is intended to show costumers as ‘regular' people of all ages and from all walks of life who also happen to engage in this amazingly fun and highly creative hobby; costumers/cosplayers are not a 'bunch of crazy fringe weirdos' or 'just skimpy soft-core exhibitionists' that media portrayals often make them out to be.”

The ICG’s grant, for $750, will provide additional general support for the Transformations: Cosplay Portraiture Project. Mr. Man intends to present the project at Costume-Con and other science fiction, anime, and genre conventions. He seeks to publish the results in book form and to display the photos on websites, at convention art shows, and in galleries. He will submit web sized images for permanent retention in the ICG’s Pat and Peggy Kennedy Memorial Archives.

December 15 2016. The Fund approved Richard Man’s application for a grant to further support his Transformations: CosplayPortraiture Project. The $1000 grant will enable Richard to complete photography for a first volume of a planned book on the project, and also enable him to exhibit his photos at convention art shows.


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