ICG Documents Page

Here you'll find a number of handy refence items to read, review, and most importantly, occasionally print out to show others or use!

ICG Bylaws The heart and soul of the International Costumers Guild. These are the rules we live by.
ICG Standing Rules How we live up to our bylaws and maintain general order with the various chapters.
How to Start A New Chapter A checklist for how to start your own local chapter of the ICG.
ICG Press Release When people ask you "What's the ICG?" you can present this to them and pique their interest. Meant for media outlets, but useful in all occasions.
ICG Flyer Now, if you were truly a dedicated member of the International Costumers Guild, you would print this off, make tons of copies of it and set them out at conventions, ren faires, fabric stores and so on.
2003 ICG Annual Meeting Minutes The official minutes of the 2003 Annual Meeting.
2004 ICG Annual Meeting Minutes The official minutes of the 2004 Annual Meeting.
2002 ICG Budget Describes where your 2002 ICG dues went.
2003 ICG Budget Describes where your 2003 ICG dues went.
2004 ICG Budget Describes where your 2004 ICG dues go.
ICG Annual Meeting Proxy The definitive article. Chapter presidents can print this out, make copies and have members who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting fill it out so that their voices can be heard.
ICG Masquerade Guidelines How we'd like to see things done. Good reference material for masquerade directors, but again--they're just guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules.
ICG Treasurer's Update Form Chapter treasurers can use this as a guideline for sending in their quarterly updates to the ICG Treasurer.
Byron Connell's "Secrets of the Green Room" Byron, a former ICG president and highly reknowned Green Room director, shares some of his tips and tricks.

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