ICG Member and Board of Directors
Annual Meeting and BOD Session Minutes

2016 (Madison, Wisconsin)

2015 (Charleston, South Carolina)

2014 (Toronto Canada)

2013 (Aurora Colorado)

2012 (Tempe, Arizona)

2011 (Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey)

2010 (St. Louis, Missouri)

2009 (Baltimore, Maryland)

2008 (San Jose, California)

2007 (St. Louis, Missouri)

2006 (Des Moines, Iowa)

2005 (Ogden, Utah)

2004 (Atlanta, Georgia)

2003 (Chicago, Illinois)

2002 (Melbourne, Australia)

2001 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

2000 (Hartford, Connecticut)

1999 (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)

1998 (St. Louis, Missouri)

1997 (Baltimore, Maryland)

1996 (Seattle, Washington)

1995 (Ontario, Canada)

1994 (Santa Clara, California)

1992 (Lincoln, Nebraska)

1991 (Columbia, Maryland)

Help Needed

The website team needs your help. If you see a year without an active link for the minutes - or other information, and you have copies - even if they are incomplete - please send them to the web team at webmaster@costume.org

If you have anything from any of the years previous to 1998, we would also appreciate those as well. The first Costume-Con was in 1983, so if we can fill in the historical holes, that would make our information more complete. Again, we'll take any format (even hard copy) and make it work.

The website team appreciates any and all help in this matter.

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